Comb Over with Beard: 7 Striking Looks

Comb over with beard together can create a unique look that is sure to make women stop and take notice. Men who want the best of both worlds when it comes to their hair and their facial hair need to consider wearing a beard comb over. 


Coolest Comb Over Hairstyles with Beard

Our experts have compiles 7 of the trendiest beard comb over styles for modern men.

1. Pompadour Comb Over

beard comb over with purple hair

Nothing will scream confidence quite like a neat and trimmed beard & comb over, as well as some bold color in the hair. This is a great option for men who are tired of boring hairstyles and want something that is a little different. The longer colored hair combed over is a great contrast to the trimmed and neat beard.


2. Keeping It Longer

comb over fade with beard

Men who can easily grow out a long beard can do so, leave it natural, and enjoy great balance to a little more style and volume on top. A longer comb over that is coiffed up and styled into a swoop helps to balance out the beard and make the face look evener. One of the best comb over fade with beard look on the list.


3. Hard Part Comb Over with Beard

Hard Part Comb Over with Beard

A shorter beard in addition to a sleek comb over with a very hard part is an attractive look on most men. The hard part needs to be very pronounced so that the comb over look is obvious and looks its best. Additionally, the beard needs to be sculpted and trimmed to match the lines of the hair.


4. Blonde Comb Over with Skin Fade

beard comb over with skin fade

Very short sides make a longer top of the comb over, as well as a slightly longer beard, look great. This is a perfect way for a man to elongate his face and to make it look a little thinner. This beard comb over combination looks great on men with all different colors of hair.


5. Neat Short Comb Over

comb over with beard for older men

Very strong lines are a great way to outline the face, especially when the lines are clearly defined not only around the top of the head and the hair but also around the beard. Keeping this comb over hairstyle with beard neat and orderly ensures that it is perfect to wear into the office, making it a style that men of all ages can easily opt for.


6. Ivy League Haircut

mens comb over hairstyles with beard

Men who have a little more time in the morning and are interested in perfect hair and lines will appreciate the beard comb over look they can enjoy when they add a lot of product to their hair. A hard part along with lines in the high fade comb over contrast with a small and understated beard and mustache.


7. Comb Over with Curls

beard and comb over with curly hair

Very sharp lines on the beard and around the face create an incredible contrast when the top comb over is left a little longer and curly. Keeping the curls tamed allows their shape to add some movement and softness to the style and prevents them from getting in the way or requiring regular trimming to look their best.


These beard comb over styles are all designed to enhance the face and make the man wearing the style stand out from a crowd. Choosing one may be difficult, but any of these styles will make a man look great.