45 Exclusive High Fade Haircuts for Men

Men who want a hairstyle that looks great on them is easy to take care of, and that will give them a boost of confidence will want to consider a high fade. This is an incredibly popular style that looks amazing on most men.

High fade haircuts look great on most men, as long as you pick the right style for your look and personality. These 45 choices are all great options.


What Is a High Fade Cut?

high fade haircut

High fade on hair need to be cut by a professional so that they will look their best. These fades follow a line that leads back from the forehead’s corner.

The fade gets shorter as it drops down on the head and can sometimes be cut all of the ways to the skin. The shorter hair of a high cut fade will travel along the drop fade line.


Popular High Fade Haircuts for Men

Choosing the best men’s high fade style is easy when you consider the style of your hair, how much hair you want to show, and if you want any extra designs cut into your hair. This will ensure that you get the best look for you.

1. Taper Fade with a Beard

high taper fade with Beard

This high fade is a great option for men who have a beard and want to show off all of their facial hair.

It looks especially clean and neat, which is sure to give any man a boost of confidence. Thanks to the straight lines and high cut over the ear, this is a striking look.


2. Close Cut Around the Ear

high taper fade haircut

Keeping the fade a little bit closer around the ear results in a slightly different appearance than typical high cut fade haircuts.

This look is great on any man who wants to show off his face and has stronger facial features, as there is very little hair for a man to hide behind if he isn’t confident.


3. High Skin Fade

high taper fade

Showing a lot of skin over the ear allows the hair on top of the head, as well as the beard, to be the main focal points.

This is a great look on men who want something that is striking and sure to attract a lot of attention, as there is a fair amount of skin shown, and not all men will feel confident in this style.


4. Keep it up with Hard Lines

high and tight fade with hard line

Hard lines with a high and tight fade add a lot of interest to this cut and prevent it from looking too formal or like it is only for someone in the military.

The professional fade after the hard lines on the sides of the head is perfect and allows for just enough skin to show.


5. To the Side High and Tight

high and tight fade hair

One of the best things about a fade is that even a high and tight haircut can have a little extra hair on top of the head, which is a great way for men to feel like they can still style their hair.

Slicking the hair over with a little product allows the hair to look professionally styled.


6. Military Crew Cut

short high and tight fade

Even with a fade, a high and tight can be incredibly short all over the head, which is a very no-nonsense cut for men who are on the go and don’t want to spend a lot of time dealing with or worrying about their hair. It will need regular upkeep as it grows, however.


7. Keep the Top Longer with a Skin Fade

A skin fade with plenty of hair left on the top of the head is a striking look and will attract a lot of attention.

The longer hair looks amazing when brushed to the side, as long as the sides and the back of the fade are regularly trimmed so that the hair won’t get too long.


8. High Skin Fade on Man Braids

There’s no reason why men who have a skin fade can’t also have a bit of longer hair, as this fun style shows.

Keeping the hair on the top of the head long enough to braid is a fun way to update this look and prevent it from being boring.


9. Pompadour Fade

Thick and rich hair on the top of the head looks great when combined with a hard line and a high cut skin fade.

Keeping the hair on the sides of the head significantly shorter than the top adds an amazing contrast and a lot of interest to the look, ensuring that a man with thicker hair can easily show it off.


10. Curly High Top Fade

curly high top fade

There’s no reason why curly hair has to be subject to very hard lines, which can look like a strange juxtaposition on some men.

Rather than using hard lines with this high fade, allowing the curly hair to fall gently and naturally from the top of the head adds a lot of movement and prevents the look from being boring.


11. Straighten up the Front

Men who have curly hair and want to keep it slightly more contained will want to consider hairlines around the head as well as a great fade.

The lines keep the curly hair from falling in the face and prevent it from getting in the way of a man who is trying to see, which allows men to work without problems.


12. Keep the Sides Tight

Curly hair looks great when it’s allowed to bounce and move, but keeping the sides of a style a little tighter and adding volume to the top of the head is a fun way to change up this style.

This high top fade is a great option for men on the go who love their curly hair but want to keep it contained.


13. Add Volume to a High Bald Fade

Adding volume to the top of the head with a little product is a great way to keep this style from falling flat. Additionally, using a hard line on the side of the head to separate the longer hair from the fade is a fun look.


14. Bald High Fade with Curly Tops

A bald fade looks especially striking on men who have a little curl in their hair and allows the hair on the top of their head to grow longer.

This is a great way to enjoy the volume of curly hair as well as the ease of having a lot of the hair on your head removed.


15. Bald Fade with Very Little on Top

high bald fade for men

There’s no reason why you have to have a lot of hair on the top of your head if you want a high bald fade, as this look shows.

It has a hard part that adds a lot of interest to the style. This is an excellent look for men who want a bald fade but are interested in something just a little different.


16. Comb Over + High Fade

A comb over is a great way to enjoy longer hair on top with a fade, and keeping the bangs long enough to swoop over the front adds fun to the look.

It’s important for any man who wants this hairstyle to add plenty of product to keep the hair fully contained.


17. Hard Part with Comb Over

A hard side part and a slick and sleek comb over are an impressive and attractive combination on this look. It looks especially amazing paired with a trimmed beard, which adds even more structure to the face.


18. High and Blonde Comb Over

There’s no reason why a comb over with a high fade haircut has to have shorter hair, as this longer option clearly shows.

Mens blonde hair really stands out not just because of its color, but also because of the height it adds to the head.


19. Shorter Natural Dreads with Fade

Dreads confined to the top of the head look amazing with a high fade. These small dreads are allowed to have a lot of movement, which keeps the look from being boring. Combined with hard lines around the face, it’s an interesting look.


20. High Top Fade Dreads

For dreads that are just a little more interesting and visually appealing, tipping them with a contrasting color, such as blonde, is a good idea. This allows the shape of the dreads to really stand out and prevents the look from being boring.


21. Longer Dreads Worn up

Men who have long hair on the top of their heads will love wearing their braids up and out of the way. They can also be worn down, which will add a lot of movement and visual interest to the look.


22. Strong Part and Swoop

Swooping the hair on the top of the head off to the side and away from a strong part helps set this high fade haircut apart from others. The dark color of the hair is a great contrast to the skin that you can see when men wear this look.


23. Thick Waves with Part

Hard parts on the side of the head add interest to this look and help the hair really pop. The longer hair on top of the head is combed to add movement and separation to the strands, which creates a unique look that is impressive on any man.


24. Styled Down with a Part

Using the hard part as the line for the high fade and for longer hair allows this style to really pop.

Keeping the longer hair on top of the head styled close to the head with a lot of product prevents the look from appearing sloppy or out of control.


25. Trimmed with a Beard and Undercut

This type of high cut fade with an undercut is a great hairstyle choice and makes men look very honest, hard-working, and endearing. As long as the beard is also kept neat and trimmed, then this look is perfect for any man.


26. Undercut Fade with Volume on Top

Any fade can look great when paired with an undercut that adds a lot of volume to the top of the head. This look is full and rich thanks to the longer hair on the head and the impressive fade around the sides and the back.


27. Undercut with Additional Thickness to the Hair

Men who have thinner hair and want to add the illusion that it is thicker will love this style, as the hair on the head perfectly matches the beard.

Additionally, the way that the hair is undercut ensures that the longer hair on top looks full and rich.


28. Temp Fade with Lots of Product

A high temp fade looks amazing when the hair is styled correctly and makes the man look put together. This fade shows a lot of skin, which is a great look for men who are comfortable with shorter hair, but pairs longer hair on top for interest.


29. Braids with a Temp Fade

Tight braids along the top of the head that are allowed to braid down the back of the head and fall down the back are an incredible contrast to the shorter hair that this style demands. It’s an impressive style that needs to be cut by a professional.


30. Full Curls and a Temp Fade

high temp fade

Tighter curls look amazing with this style and are sure to add a lot of movement and thickness to the hair, which is great on most any man. The clear lines around the head and the beard ensure that the hair doesn’t look unkempt or messy.


31. Full on Top with High Drop Fade

A full top looks great with any fade, especially a deep drop such as this. The thick and natural appearance of the hair is a great offset to the shorter hair and the lines on the side of the head. Keeping the hair natural color is key for this look.


32. Slicked Back Fade

Men who want to be prepared for anything that may come their way will love this sleek look. It’s a perfect option for any man who wants to be able to get ready in a hurry in the morning.


33. Slightly Softer on Top

There’s no reason why a high drop fade has to look severe, as this look shows. The slightly softer appearance of the hair is a nice change of pace from other, harder looks, and is a great option for men who are new to fades.


34. Angled Designs with High Top Fade

Sharp designs cut into the side of the head are a wonderful contrast to the soft movement of braids or dreads. These angles add a lot of interest and are a wonderful way for a man to express himself.


35. Smooth and Curving Lines in High Fade

Cutting curving lines into the sides of the head allows the head to look gentle and can add movement to the style without being overwhelming. This high fade hairstyle is a great way to soften very angular faces and features.


36. Mix of Curved and Straight

Another wonderful  high curly fade cut uses both softer curving and more angular designs cut into the hair. This look is impressive thanks to its complexity and will require regular upkeep to look its best.


37. Pompadour Worn to the Side

This look shows that you don’t have to have your pompadour straight back from the face. Slicking it to the side adds interest and is a fun take on a typical pompadour hairstyle, which will make a man stand out.


38. Short Pompadour 

For a more traditional look, try slicking hair straight back from the face. This makes the facial features the real focus of the hairstyle and is a great option for men who are confident with their features and the way they look.


39. Pompadour with High Bald Fade

Trimming the sides of the hair close to the head and allowing for some bald skin to show keeps this style fun and fresh. It’s a great look for men who are interested in thick and full pomp.


40. Longer Dreads with Temp Fade

high fade with long hair

There’s no reason why long hair can’t be styled into dreads and then pulled back from the face. This is a classic choice when considering high fade haircuts for men and is a great way to make a regular high  temp fade look a little different.


41. Natural Longer Curls and Higher Fade

Longer and natural curls look great with a high cut fade. These curls add a lot of movement and body to the style and prevent it from being boring. Keeping the curls contained is key to preventing this style from looking messy.


42. Two-Toned Messy Curls with Fade

Messy curls piled on top of the head look amazing when they are two-toned and have a lot of movement and freedom. The combination of exposed skin and a lot of hair on the top of the head makes for a unique look that only bold men will be able to pull off easily.


43. No-Nonsense Style with Short Hair

Men who want a no-nonsense look will want to pair very short hair with fade. This men’s high fade hairstyle does require regular upkeep to look its best and to prevent it from looking messy but is great for the office, the military, and more.


44. Ivy League Haircut

high fade haircuts for men with short hair

Men who want shorter hair can still have a little volume on top when they allow their hair on the top of the head to get a little longer. This hair can then be swept over to the side to prevent the style from falling flat.


45. High and Tight Military Cuts

high fade with short hair

Shorter hair that is kept pushed to the front with the help of a styling product looks great and is very easy to take care of in the morning. This is a great look for men who want something easy to take care of and that won’t take a lot of effort or product to style.


As you can see, with so many fade haircut choices, there is definitely a men’s high fade haircut for you that will make you look and feel amazing. Choosing the one that matches your style and face shape will give you confidence and ensure that you look your best.

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