Mens Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Josh Lucas caesar haircut for men with thin hair.
Josh Lucas haircut.

When a man has thinning hair either due to age or to the natural texture of the hair, it can be a little more challenging to find mens hairstyles for thin hair that accommodate the limitations. Thin or baby fine hair means there is not enough bulk to work with. Thin hair tends to have less body So, in essence, the challenges encountered with thin hair can be two fold. Hair itself is fine and doesn’t hold style readily, or the man is showing the effects of baldness associated with aging.

Antonio Banderas caesar hairstyle
Antonio Banderas caesar hairstyle

The Caesar style is one of the simplest to achieve and maintain when your hair is beginning to thin. The coins from the Roman Empire time of this ruler after which the style is named often show him wearing his hear in such a style. It features fairly short layered hair with a fringe across the forehead that is horizontally straight. Because the front section of hair is combed forward, it tends to disguise the characteristic look of male pattern baldness.

Beckham Mohawk hair
Beckham Mohawk haircut

The Mohawk cut is a style named after the indigenous tribe of native Americans from the area that is now New York State. This cut has shaved sides on the head and a wide band of longer hair that can extend from the forehead hairline to the crown and even further down the back of the head. It is popular today amongst those who are willing to make a statement, but requires more upkeep and work to make the crest of hair stand up or be formed into spikes.

Jude Law faux hawk hair.
Jude Law curly faux hawk hair

A faux Mohawk is not as drastic as a hairstyle. The sides of your head are not shaved. The top of the head still features a crest of hair, but it may not be as dramatic. This style is typically easier than the true Mohawk to manage and control.

Freddie Ljungberg Buzz Cut
Freddie Ljungberg buzz cut hairstyle

Military men often have a style that is known as a high and tight. It is a good choice for men with thinning hair as well. The style is a variant of the buzz cut.

Taking care of the hair to prevent damage is a key ingredient of any hairstyle. Men’s hairstyles for thin hair will look better if the hair is clean and healthy. Agents that damage the hair strand, leaving it weaker and brittle can cause breakage and further thinning. Using natural or prescription products to regrow hair may eventually help to improve the volume of hair available to work with.


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