20 Cool Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair on Crown

Hair is one of the most important parts of the human structure and appearance. Thinning hair on crown area might be one of the difficult problems a person will encounter. For it needs to grow over a long period of time. If you are worried about your thinning hair and finding hairstyles, you shouldn’t be.

hairstyles for thinning hair on crown

Almost 85% of men experience major thinning hair by the time they are 50. Now, there are plenty of men’s hairstyles for thin hair on the crown. Getting the best haircut and styling your hair really matter. Here are the ten hairstyles for thinning hair on a crown. Get ready!


How to Style Men’s Thin Hair on Crown

Thinning hair on the crown will most likely have a short haircut such as a high fade paired with a crew cut or side part and a buzz cut. If you cut your hair short, it will be an advantage because it will not bring attention to your thin hair.

Avoid hair gels since these kinds of styling products will damage and continuously make your hair thinner. However, I recommend using a hair product with a matte finish and good hair wax that will cover any bald spots.


Watch The Following Video and Learn How to Style Thin Hair for Men


Best Men’s Haircut for Thinning Crown Hair

Stop having insecurities right now and find the best hairstyles for your thinning hair on crown. Head to your barber to try one of these haircuts for men with thin hair!

1. Messy Textured Hair

messy hairstyles for thinning hair on crown

The messy hairstyle can add up the volume and maximizes the area your hair covers while giving a cool and natural look.


2. Short Spiky Hair

spiky thin hairstyle on crown

You can style your own thinning crown hair if you know how to pick the right haircut for you. In this picture above, the spiky hairstyle parted to the side with a clean undercut. It has a different approach to thin hair. Cutting the sides of your hair short really work well with this hairstyle.


3. Low Taper Fade

men's hairstyle for thinning hair on crown

Another men’s hairstyle for thinning hair on the crown is the spiky faux hawk. It looks good with thin blonde hair and paired with a low taper fade on the side. You can also go with a stubble beard.

With this hairstyle, people will not notice your thin hair, specifically on the crown area.


4. Thin Hair Hipster

hipster style for thinning hair on crown

If you have some minor thinning hair on the crown, this hairstyle is great for you! It has a close cut all around the sides and back. It leaves as much remaining hair as possible up top.

If you have facial hair growth, it would be great for it will bring fullness to the look.


5. Romantically Long Haircut

long hairstyle for thinning hair on crown

From its word “romantic”, this men’s hairstyle for thinning hair on crown is up to fairytales and romantic hairstyle. It comes with long and flowing locks. I’m sure you are thinking about anything you can do to come up with this hairstyle, right?

You better worry no more! Let me tell you this, most women love hair that flows down the neck. You can wear your hair long, loose, stress-free and effortlessly.


6. Subtle Spikes for a Receding Hairline

If you are worried about your youthful look, don’t worry about that! You can try to cut close and keep it long, this style features combed-back hair with light spiking. Your hair will go back just like in your elementary years- looking young and thick again.


7. Slicked Back Fade Cut

If you are thinking about how far your thinning hair can go, let me tell you that the options are not limited. This slicked back undercut or fade hair adds height and diminishes the fact that there isn’t a lot of thickness. This hairstyle distracts and conceals your thin hair on the crown along the back and sides.


8. Long Bed Head Style

Thinning crown hair can lose the confidence that you have but you can’t let that happen, right? Go with a punk-inspired hairstyle that focuses on length rather than texture. It can also add some texture by letting your facial hair grow. Build up your confidence once more and rock it on!


9. Choppy High and Tight

Did you know that choppiness adds and creates texture and volume? It looks more voluminous than short sleek hair.

The combination of blunt edges and textured interior of the hair on top looks very great. The shearing of the sides and adding some subtle facial hair will tend to look younger and trendy undercut.


10. Curly Thin Hair

Often hairstyles for thinning hair on crown for men are straight, but what if you have enough curly hair?

Well, most people said that it would be distressing since you have been accustomed to very thick locks.

11. The Classic Crew Cut

Here’s an elegant solution: the Classic Crew Cut. A timeless choice, this short, even cut helps to mask thinning crown hair by reducing the contrast between your hair and scalp.

The short length minimizes the appearance of thinness while the simplicity projects sophistication. Be assured, a well-groomed crew cut is always in vogue.

12. Side Swept Waves

Capture a natural grace with Side Swept Waves. This style is splendid for those with wavy hair. Keep the sides short and let the top grow out a bit.

Gently sweep the waves to the side to create a voluminous appearance. This simple maneuver can work wonders in concealing thinning hair at the crown.

13. The Ivy League Cut

Class meets practicality with the Ivy League Cut. Trim the sides shorter while leaving some length on top. Style the longer top with a side part, drawing attention away from thinning crown areas.

This hairstyle is perfect if you have a thin crown and speaks volumes about your confidence.

14. Textured Caesar Cut

Adopt a regal bearing with the Textured Caesar Cut. Named after the Roman General, this cut is short and even, with a small, horizontal fringe. The textured top helps mask the thinning hair at the crown, while the distinct lines show assertiveness.

15. Brushed-Up Style

Make a confident statement with the Brushed Up Style. This haircut involves brushing the top hair upward, creating an illusion of volume, which is perfect for concealing the thinning crown. Maintain short sides for a polished appearance.

16. Buzz Cut with Beard

Exude rugged charm with a Buzz Cut paired with a Beard. The buzz cut minimizes the prominence of thinning crown hair, and the beard adds character and balances the look.

17. Modern Comb Over

Revitalize your look with a Modern Comb Over. With shorter sides and longer top hair, comb the hair over to one side. This draws attention horizontally rather than vertically, effectively disguising thinning hair at the crown.

18. Shaggy Layers

Embrace a laid-back style with Shaggy Layers. This cut adds volume and texture, perfect for managing the challenges of thinning crown hair. The layers create a sense of depth, making your hair appear fuller.

19. Faded Sides with Top Volume

Display finesse with Faded Sides and Top Volume. By keeping the sides faded and styling the top with some volume, you craft an exquisite contrast that takes the focus away from the thinning crown.

20. The Sophisticated Quiff

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the Sophisticated Quiff. This hairstyle is all about balancing elegance and flair.

The hair is styled upward and backward, offering a voluminous appearance that’s ideal for managing thinning crown hair. Keep the sides neat to highlight the majestic quiff on top. This hairstyle is a clear winner for any gentleman aiming to make an impression.

You can get a square haircut that features the back and side fades. You can use a few amounts of styling gel to hold the style of your hair all day!