31 Grey and Silver Hairstyles That Can Transform Your Look

Grey and silver hair color both can be fun and flattering for men. Guys find it very hard to accept the fact that their hair is getting a new color, but with these chic hairdos, you will change your mind.

Some are even getting their mane colored to silver or grey just to follow this eye-catching trend. 


Coolest Silver and Grey Hairstyles for Guys

Choose between the cool 31 grey and silver looks for men and take your hairdo to a whole new level.

1. Mohawk with a Side-Line

silver mohawk with a sideline for guys

A Mohawk is always trendy, especially if you pair it up with eye-catching details.

Ideal For: Great for men with mid-length hair who love to experiment with art as well.

How To Style: For this silver hairstyle, you will need a great barber so that you can achieve that perfect sideline. Also, make sure you get quality products for the spiky finish on top.


2. Short Grey Hair + Dark Beard

short grey hair with dark beard

Short is great and effortless. Men are always on the search for very simple hairstyles they won’t have to style.

Ideal For: Ideal for the guys who want something super-easy but also don’t want to lose their beard.

How To Style: This high fade haircut does require a new dye in a cool silver or grey color. You can choose the exact hue. Keep the beard in its natural dark tone for a contrasting finish.


3. Grey Pompadour Undercut

grey pompadour with short sides for men

The pompadour is one of the classiest men’s hairstyles ever. It looks even better if you opt for shorter sides. That way, you really accent the middle chic part.

Ideal For: Great for all ages, especially men who are obsessed with elegant haircuts.

How To Style: You will need a fine-tooth comb and a hair pomade for this look. Take the hair up and comb it to the back. Choose products for a natural finish, but with a stronghold.


4. Silver Braids for Men

silver braid hairstyles for men

Braids are meant for men as well, and they can be so much fun when done on a grey or silver hair.

Ideal For: Great for all guys who have long hair and are interested in something very unique.

How To Style: If you can’t braid your hair yourself, you should definitely ask for help from your female friends, girlfriend or a hairstylist. There are many different types that you can try, depending on the look you’re opting for.


5. Silver Spiky Hair with Blue Undertones

silver spiky hair for guys

Silver hairstyles are even more flattering when they feature a blue undertone. Not all men will be into this trend, the ones that are ready to experiment will love it.

Ideal For: If you’ve already had silver or grey hair, it’s time to refresh the color with a blue undertone.

How To Style: To style this spiky mane you should use a pomade or a wax. Either way, use your fingers to get the hair up and preferably opt for strong-hold products. They will help with the long-lasting nature of the mane.


6. Spiky Fohawk + Designs

Talk about a statement hairstyle! This one will definitely attract so many looks.

Ideal For: Great for men with dark hair who need a change in their life. It can be a bit dramatic, but it’s easy to switch back to a simpler hairdo whenever you feel like it.

How To Style: Leave the top part of the hair longer, and you can shave the sides completely. The art is yours to choose, but make sure to find an experienced hairdresser. Dye only the tips of the top part.


7. Spikes + Mid Bald Fade

A middle fade combined with bold spikes in the top part is what you need to stand out this summer. It’s your decision whether you want to keep the dark beard to complement the new hairstyle.

Ideal For: It’s perfect for all men with grey hairstyles and medium length. All ages can experiment with this hairdo.

How To Style: These spikes are very detailed so use your fingers to make them this cool. Talk to your barber and ask him for a middle fade on the sides.


8. Long Crew Cut with Red Details

It’s time to get innovative with some fun red details as a part of your mane.

Ideal For: Great for the younger guys who want something interesting and eye-catching.

How To Style: This is work meant only for professionals. If you are absolutely in love with the silver hairdo, you need to find a barber who knows what he’s doing. Once you get the red details you will need to do regular touch-ups.


9. Short Grey Curls

Keep your curly hair short, just add a new silver or grey dye.

Ideal For: Perfect for men with curly hair who also prefer short length.

How To Style: You will only need minutes to style the mane with the products you’ve been using so far.


10. Silver Top + Low Fade

black hair with silver top for guys

If you don’t want to dye your whole hair silver, this is a great start.

Ideal For: Looks like the perfect idea for men with dark hair who are ready to go only partially silver just to try it out.

How To Style: Style it to the side with a comb and hair wax. Ask for a low fade from the hairdresser.


11. Silver Slick Back Hair 

This silver hair will make any guy want to visit the hairdresser right away.

Ideal For: It’s ideal for medium lengths and all ages.

How To Style: Sleek the hair to the back with a comb and a hair product that will provide a natural finish.


12. Medium Grey Hairstyle for Older Men 

Older men with grey hair will love this trend.

Ideal For: Great for guys with a long beard and medium-length hair.

How To Style: Simply use the fingers with a pomade to get the top part of the mane up.


13. Silver Long Top Shaved Side Haircut

Silver hair for men should not be boring.

Ideal For: All guys who love rocking fringe are the perfect choice for this hairstyle.

How To Style: Comb the hair to the front.


14. Deep Side Part Undercut

The deep-side part is one of the hair trends you have to try.

Ideal For: Try working a side part and you will be pleasantly surprised. It’s for everyone!

How To Style: Do the part with a comb and use wax to secure the hair to one side.


15. Ombre Art

grey hairstyles with design for men

Ombre art is here to make your summer mane fabulous.

Ideal For: Perfect for men who are ready to take risks this summer when it comes to their hairstyles.

How To Style: Grey hair can be even chicer if you ask for ombre art on the side. A good hairdresser is the most important part of this look.


16. Low Drop Fade

Two lines on the side are much better than one.

Ideal For: Take things up a notch by decorating your sides with two parallel lines. Great for short hair lengths.

How To Style: No need to style it, just a visit to the barber should be enough.


17. Low Fade Comb Over

Your comb-back doesn’t always have to be perfect.

Ideal For: Great for when you don’t have too much time to style the hair.

How To Style: Get a new silver dye with blue undertones. Use only a little product on your hands for a messy finish.


18. Long Curly Hair 

Leave the curls long and messy.

Ideal For: Perfect for men with curly hair.

How To Style: Just let the curls grow and style them with your go-to product.


19. Platinum Grey with a Side Part

Platinum grey is even better than platinum blonde.

Ideal For: Great for guys who are obsessed with light hair colors and are not afraid to try them out.

How To Style: You will need a great hairstylist to dye your hair in a platinum silver hue. Create the side part with a comb.


20. Side-Swept Hair + Low Taper Fade

side swept grey hairstyles for guys

If you are tired of the same old hairstyle, you can opt for an elegant side-swept silver mane.

Ideal For: A deep side part is very flattering for both younger and older men.

How To Style: Do the side part with a comb and sleek the hair to the side with a pomade.


21. Taper Fade Blowout Haircut

Platinum grey is everywhere.

Ideal For: Perfect for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest.

How To Style: Take the hair in a pompadour with wax or cream.


22. Braided Mohawk

A mohawk is one of those hairstyles who allow a lot of tweaks. Try out a braid and you won’t be sorry.

Ideal For: Best for men with medium-length hair.

How To Style: If you don’t know how to braid, you can always get help from the ladies around you. It’s very simple but looks unique.


23. Messy Grey Hair + Side-Line

This messy look is the best thing that can happen to your hair.

Ideal For: Great for younger guys and teenagers.

How To Style: Place the line high up so that you can also get shaved sides or a high skin fade.


24. Ivy League Hairstyle

This is one of those classic, simple looks that never get old.

Ideal For: Ideal for men over 50 with grey hair.

How To Style: No need to style it, just comb it.


25. V-shape Haircut

medium silver hairstyles for men

Some men prefer to get details on the sides, while you can also get them on the back.

Ideal For: Best for medium hair lengths with short sides.

How To Style: Tell your barber that you want a V in the back.


26. Long Hair with Beard

A middle part is all you need to add to your long grey hair.

Ideal For: Perfect for older gentlemen with naturally grey hair.

How To Style:  All you need to do is a middle part.


27. Messy Grey Hair 

Messy hair and beard are the perfect combos for men.

Ideal For: The fact that it’s low-maintenance makes this grey hairdo great for all guys.

How To Style: Let your hair grow longer and leave it natural.


28. Colorful Line

Silver hues are so chic when paired with other daring tones such as flaming red or yellow.

Ideal For: Sounds like a fun hairstyle for the summer months.

How To Style: Choose the boldest colors so you can stand out.


29. Silver Caesar Cut

Fringe is not the first choice for men, but it’s a great one this summer.

Ideal For: Ideal for guys with short hair.

How To Style: The styling consists of washing the hair and drying it, it’s that simple.


30. Business Hairstyle 

sleek grey hair with beard and mustache

Yes, a sleeked-back grey hair is so much more fabulous when you add a beard and mustache.

Ideal For: Perfect for meetings, events, and happenings. Looks so dapper with a suit.

How To Style: Use a fine-tooth comb to sleek it, paired with wax for wet hair look. Comb and trim the beard and mustache regularly.


31. Short Silver Hairstyle + Side X

short grey hairstyles with design for men

When you want patterns, but it’s your first time getting one, try with a simple X hair design.

Ideal For: This silver haircut is a great one for men with short length.

How To Style: It will be a very low-maintenance hairdo. All you need to do is get the X on the side when you visit the barbershop.


Grey and silver hairstyles are extremely trendy, no matter if they are natural or dyed. This new trend makes it so easy for guys to show off their natural hue. Start by going over the 31 examples above and you’ll know which ones are the best for your length, face shape, and age. Don’t be afraid to pick something daring and exciting.