Braids for Caucasian Men – 20 Coolest Hairstyles to Rock

Braids are always in fashion, no matter the year or season. There are so many braid styles for Caucasian men to choose from that you can hardly choose one.

From French braids to plain old plaits, each braid has a unique style of its own. You can choose one which goes well with your personality and mood.


How to Get the Perfect Braids for Caucasian Men

braids for white men

Here is a simple and easy procedure that you need to follow before making a braid for Caucasian men:

  • Moisten your hair and comb it thoroughly.
  • Rub a small amount of gel into your hair gently to give them a smooth feel.
  • Part the hair in small sections with the help of a comb. The sections should be such that you can easily braid each section separately.
  • Cut out any rough ends or small hair that will poke out of your braid later on.

Once you are done with these steps, you are good to begin braiding your hair.


Following Video Shows A Simple Method of  How to Do A Simple Braid Hairstyle for Men 


Top Caucasian Men Braids Hairstyles

Here are some of the coolest braids for Caucasian men that they can sport and look nice with. All of them make sure that the hair stays off your face.

1. Viking Braid

viking braid hairstyle for white men

This is a cool braid for Caucasian men bordering on the edge of wild and rough. There is thick warrior braid of long hair, roughly put together. The sides of the head go through shaving to put more focus on the Viking braid and you can even go for a fade if you do not want to shave off the sides of your head.

This goes really well with a beard too as in the case of the Regnar Lothbrok in Vikings. This look really highlights your facial features, giving them a sharper look.


2. Twin Pigtails

braided pigtails for white men

Cary Fukunaga, the creator of True Detective, sported this hairstyle back in 2024 and looked badass. Caucasian men should try this braid hairstyle too if you have shoulder length hair as the twin pigtails make your jawline stand out more. This sure is your go-to style if you want to look cool, stylish, fashionable, and intimidating at the same time.


3. Braids in a Man Bun

braided bun for white men

Okay, so if there is no altering your man bun then you can at least put more details and attractiveness to it. You can have multiple small braids beginning from your forehead and ending in the top-knot. You can have a single plait going there too. It all really depends on your choice and personality.


4. Simple Single Plait

single braid for white men

This is something that is practical and cool at the same time. You do not need to put too much time or effort into this Caucasian men braid hairstyle as you can naturally intertwine layers of hair to make it. Jared Leto has been sporting this cool braid for quite a time now. This sure looks great on him and you will look equally good in it.


5. MicroBraid Mohawk

white man with braided mohawk

While this super detailed braided hairstyle for Caucasian men may take awhile to create, the result is well worth it. Lots of micro braids combine in a cool mohawk shape with a line up detail to frame it. 


6. Dutch Braids

Dutch braids for white men

Not all Dutch braids are created equal, especially not on this long braided hairstyle. Using different thicknesses and hair cuffs, you can make a Dutch braid hairstyle unforgettable.


7. Short Braids

white men's box braids

For straight but short hair, you can still play with braids. These short ones create a boxy shape at the scalp and are all the same length and thickness. 


8. Braided Mohawk Fade

white men's braids with fade

A gradual fade adds definition to any Caucasian man’s face shape. Thin braids create a cool edgy mohawk for long hair that can be worn in a ponytail or bun.


9. Turquoise Braid Ponytail

ombre braids for white men

A low fade on this long braided ponytail is a very punk addition of detail. Try playing with color to liven up your look, like turquoise or green. 


10. French Braided Top

short braids for white guys

For Caucasian men who keep their hair a longer length up top, try adding a thick French braid. It adds volume up top while the  short sides and back give you a masculine feel. 


11. Cornrows

braids for white guys

A truly detailed braided hairstyle for Caucasian men is one that combines both very thin cornrow braids and thick cornrow braids. Start with the thin braids and connect them into one larger one. 


12. Two Low Braids

white guy with pigtail braids

Two low braids are a great style for men with long thick hair. If you are of Native American decent, adding feathers and using cord instead of hair ties is beautiful. Out of respect, avoid using these details if you are not of heritage. 


13. Braid Extensions

undercut braids for white guys

Want long braids but don’t have the length for it? Adding braid extensions will help get this braided ponytail and an undercut is a nice way to keep the look edgy and low maintenance.


14. Braids for Thin Hair

braids with beard for white men

Are you an older Caucasian man interested in braiding your long thin hair? This funky style features a zig zag part with short braids up top and a braided beard both secured with colorful hair ties. 


15. Half Cornrows

white men's braids

Cornrow braiding just the first half of your medium or long hair and leaving the rest of the braid loose is a cool way to sport braids. 


16. Blonde Box Braids

These are particularly suited for blonde or light-haired men. The box braids are thick and chunky, and often styled in a half-up, half-down manner. The lighter hair color adds an extra element of interest to the braids.


17. Loose Side Braid

Perfect for those with wavy or slightly curled hair. The loose side braid is less formal and more relaxed. Simply sweep the hair to one side and create a loose, three-strand braid. This style is often rocked by surfers and outdoor enthusiasts.


18. Four Strand Braid

This is an innovative take on the classic braid, adding an extra strand to create a more intricate design. This style is particularly suited for Caucasian men with medium to long hair, and who have the patience to learn the technique.


19. Braided Undercut

An undercut with braids on top provides a mix of edginess and style. The undercut keeps the sides of the head neat and clean, while the braids on top add texture and interest. This style is popular among Caucasian men seeking a modern, trendy look.


20. Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are a delicate and intricate style that can work well for men with longer hair. They involve braiding sections of hair across the top of the head, allowing strands to fall through the braid in a waterfall-like effect. It’s a style that requires a bit of finesse, but it’s a beautiful and unique choice for special occasions.


So try these braids for Caucasian men to look like a pro in the crowd. You will surely love to be the different one.