9 Alluring Two Braided Hairstyles for Men (Trending in 2023)

Two braids men hairstyles are back in fashion this year and they are here to stay for 2023. They are so popular once again because they make men look more masculine and give them something new to try this year.

There are so many ways in which the basic two braid style can be modified to suit your liking. So, let’s just go through the hottest new trends without further ado.


Latest Men’s Double Braided Hairstyles

Here are the 9 two braided hairstyles for men that you need in 2023 to look your best.

1. Funky 2 Braids with Highlights

funky two braids for men

Two braids for white men are attractive and impressive, but you can make them even more unique by adding a dab of blond color to them. The braids here are made by tightly weaving the hair making sure that they can last for days on end. You do not need to re-do them every morning, so they are an amazing styling option.


2. Thick Double Braids

thick two braids for men

These 2 braids for guys are not only stylish, but they are also practical as they keep all the hair tightly secured at the top as well as at the back. There is a neatly tapered undercut at the sides which finishes off the whole look in a classy and stylish manner.


3. Cornrow Style Braids

men's two braids

Well, you are young and want to go for the hottest hairstyle trend then why not spice things up a bit more? This hairstyle has a spiral-shaped part which creates a distinct and unique division of hair on both sides of the head. The men’s two braids, however, run in a straight parallel fashion as usual.


4. Twin Braided Topknot

men two braids with design

Double braids for men are modern and appealing, but this one on another level of being hot and attractive. There is a unique and intricate design made by tiny braids that are then locked into the major two braids running along the length of your head. This is something that your hairstylist can do easily for you, so get it to make new fashion statements this year.


5. Slick Braids with Man Bun

tow braids with bun for men

This is where a true gentleman finds the perfect two braids for himself. The braids are simple, decent and highly stylish as they neatly go towards the back of your head. There, they are secured into a small low bun which looks as hot as you dreamt it would.


6. Thin Braids with Taper Fade

black guy with thin two braided hairstyle

If you do not have long hair, you can make do with short textured hair as well. These men’s double braids will be relatively thin but will be equally stylish as the other ones.


7. Braided Hair Design

men's two braids with pattern

Your braids do not have to be all thick and sleek as they are fun and you can be as imaginative with them as you want to. The men’s two braids run right back to the base of your head while they thin out towards the end. To make things interesting there is a network of braids between these two major ones which creates 4 equal and dramatic partitions.


8. Long Braids for Black Men

tow long braids for men

The longer your hair is, the better the braids will be. These long 2 braids men style run right down to your abdominal region if you have long enough hair. Is there anything cooler than that? Well, not really.


9. Faux Hawk Braids

men's double braids

Men’s double braids can end into stylish high ponytails as well. And they look immensely stylish when you do that, so why not just ask your hairdresser for them?


These two braids hairstyles for men are getting immensely popular in 2023, so you should try them before everyone else around you does!