The Best French Braids for Men (2024 Update)

Trendy and modern, the French braids for guys are uber cool. Not only are they redefining fashion statements for men but are also practical. If you have medium to long hair, the French braid is one of the easiest ways to manage them. The best part is this is an extremely versatile style, whether you are a busy corporate, successful sports star or hippy musician.

If you are amongst those who think that braids are only for women, think again. As you see more men sporting long hair, increasingly you see more men choosing the French braid. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that men’s French braid is the new topic of the masculine fashion world.


Understanding the Basics of French Braid

french braids for men

One of the basic requisites for the French Braids for men is medium to long hair. The hair volume is also important. The basic idea is that the braids need to overlap. For that, it is important that you have sufficient hair to weave design of your choice. On average, if you have 5 inches or longer hair, you can easily weave out a braid style on your own.

Braiding is one style that will need time for perfection. Initially, getting even one layer of braiding may take time. But gradually you can gain mastery and even start weaving patterns on your own. Particularly while making French Braid on men’s hair, you must remember that it must tether to the hair at the back.

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How to Make Men’s French Braids 

How to Make French Braids for Men

In case you are too keen on getting your own, here is an easy stepwise direction for the perfect French style single braids for men.

  • Slightly wet towel dried hair is the best bet for braiding. This will also make combing them and removing the knots much easier.
  • Divide the hair into sub-segments and comb the hair towards the end, especially for parts that you want to braid.
  • Now divide the part you want to braid into three equal strands.
  • To start with plaiting, place the right strand over the middle and the left strand thereafter between the middle and right.
  • In this way, keep arranging one strand on the other, till you get a complete pattern.
  • Repeat as many times as you need.
  • You have to alternate the left and the right strand as you keep adding a new layer of hair.

You can fasten the remaining hair neatly in place using a bobby pin. Don’t worry about including every possible strand. Some of these are too tiny, and you may have to fasten them using hair pins separately. The broad design should fall in place.


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Frequently Asked Questions

But the French braid for guys is gradually moving up the charts in terms of popularity. There are still many doubts that people have regarding this style.


Q. How Long Does Your Hair Have to Be to Get Braids for Guys?

Ans: The hair cannot be shorter than 3 inches. On average, hair that is about 5 inches or longer is ideal for French braids men style. You can easily introduce multiple layers in it, and the grip is much better. A slightly longer hair also ensures that clumps of hair do not escape the primary braid.


Q. Can You Wash The Hair with Braids?

Yes, you can wash your braids with shampoo and water quite regularly. But you must pay attention that you rub and massage the scalp instead of the hair. Simply squeeze the braids after lathering them with shampoo to remove the dirt.

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Q. Does Braiding Lead to Hair Fall?

If you braid too tight and too often, there is a risk of the hair follicle coming off, and this may result in hair fall many times. If this does happen, one of the easiest ways is to avoid braiding the hair for a while. You can also try braiding the hair a little loose to avoid this problem.


The French braid for men is fast coming up as a functional and versatile styling option. It works very well with fades, Mohawk, tapers and dyes and easily blends with a variety of hair texture. That makes it a convenient option for men who like long hair but don’t enjoy the hassle of maintaining it.