Men’s Short Curly Hairstyles Ideas

Men’s curly hair is easy to style as it offers so much in versatility. When you have curly hair it is important that you select a hair stylist that is familiar with cutting men’s curly styles. Select a hairstylist who has several years of experienced and has a good male customer base. A more experienced stylist will be able to cut men’s curly hair in the direction of the natural wave pattern. The curls can be cut to move or lay or flow according to the wave pattern.

Justin Timberlake’s very short hairstyle. Picture by Krystian M

Very Short curly hairstyles can take away the curls and give the impression that the hair is straight. A great short hair cut can be done professionally. Do not allow a friend or family member to convince you that they can do a great job. If the wave pattern is cut incorrectly the result can be spiked hair in odd places on the head. Curly hair wave patterns can be difficult to cut and the curls need to be cut so that they can lie down. Clipper cuts are great ideas for curly hair. Clipper cuts must be done with the wave pattern and the edges must be done perfectly to give a clean edge around the ears and hairline. Gel can be used to control the curl and to make the hair lay straight. A clean, straight clipper cut done on curly hair must be maintained every two weeks to keep the curls laying straight. This is a great versatile look as it can befit a business setting and a casual setting.

Short sides with longer on top.

Another great option for curly hair is very short sides and back with a slightly longer top that leaves the curly wave. This wave can be cut to comb back and stay in place with gel. It can also be cut to have a messy, curly look or even a combed straight look which can be held in place with gel. Again these short curly hairstyles must not be attempted to be cut by a nonprofessional as the wave pattern can be unpredictable when cut incorrectly.

Short curly hairstyles are easy to manage and are very in style. It is possible to have both a straight look and a curly look if you use gel on your curly hair style. Gel can be used to comb the straight and to stop the curl from forming. It can be used to manage and control the curls so that the hairstyle looks cool and crisp rather than frizzy and unmanaged. Great curly men’s hairstyles require professional care and maintenance.


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