Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles: Curly, Faux-Hawk, Mullet, & Taper Haircuts

The hardcore red devils fans call him the “old Trafford magician”. The highly successful soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his fabulous enthusiasm and lightning footwork. A strong physique, genuine soccer skill coupled with a lovely smile, youthful personality, and myriad of hairstyles – all these have made Christiano Ronaldo a heartthrob of many.

Cristiano Ronaldo Cool Hairstyles.
Born in Madeira, Portugal, as Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos, this soccer icon followed his passion for the game right from his childhood. By the age of 18, his immense talent and love for the game earned him a position in Manchester United.

He made the soccer fans go crazy with his dribble. After his memorable stints in the year 2006 World Cup, he was showered with several awards including PFA Player of the Year. Besides his bricking success in the sports world, the Portuguese lad got noticed in the fashion world too for his frequently changing and stylish looks.

Christiano Ronaldo got the cameras clicking every time he got his hair styled into a fresh cut. In his early years, the young footballer wore a casually cut hairdo, with a few strands highlighted. Given his facial features, lovely eyes and thick mane, Ronaldo tried some of the cutest hairstyles such as classic taper hairdo.

Since he prefers to keep it short, Ronaldo has also been seen in rather simple yet trendy hairdos such as the short curly gelled in style. While he carried off his fauxhawkmullet hairstyle with great élan, Christiano Ronaldo was seen trying the gelled style hairdo.

Among many of Ronaldo’s chic hairdo is his spiky cut with copper brown shades. He gets full scores for his signature razor cut with shattered arch and the medium layered cut. Ronaldo’s straightened and iron hairdo goes well with his oval cut face.


Cristiano Ronaldo Fauxhawk-Mullet Hairstyle:

Ronaldo's Faux-hawk Mullet Hairstyle
Cristiano Ronaldo with his trendy fauxhawk-mullet hairstyle.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Cool Fohawk Mullet
Cristiano Ronaldo’s cool fohawk

Ronaldo's Fohawk-Mullet
Ronaldo faux-hawk mullet

Ronaldo's faux hawk style
Ronaldo faux-hawk mullet style

Ronaldo’s Hairstyles Pictures:

Christiano Ronaldo loves to experiment with his looks, keeps his hairstylist busy working on his hair department every second month. For someone blessed with loads of talent and oodles of confidence, it takes very little effort to makes things work. The phrase goes well with this Portuguese footballer. Undoubtedly, Christiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s sexiest sports star.

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How To Get Your Hair Like Cristiano Ronaldo

World class soccer star, Ronaldo, loves to experiment with hairstyles. His natural good looks and healthy hair looks good in many of the short styles he prefers. When you want to learn how to get your hair like Cristiano Ronaldo, you can begin with reviewing the images above.

Ronaldo has several versions of a short curly look. In each of these versions, you should begin with hair that is totally clean. Towel dry the hair, then use a good quality styling cream/fiber/gel. Few recommended styling products are displayed below. The gel should be worked through all the hair.

Cristiano often chooses an upswept style with elements of a mullet at times. The soccer player has also been seen sporting a fauxhawk mullet. A lightened hairs on the crown of the head can add an unusual dimension to dark hair.

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  1. God I hate Christiano Ronaldo the diving Git.
    I’m one of the best strikers in Sheffield, and i need a good football hairstyle apart from Spiky and Average Mohawk when it’s long, even though i hate ronaldo he definetely has best hairstyle, when my hair grows back i am str8 havin a Fauxhawk Mullet YEAH!!!!

  2. The Best Footballer Ever..

    He is better than Lionel Messi..

    And i Think C.ronaldo is the best Football player in the world

  3. What instructions should I gave the barber if i want my hair like picture 2 and 5. Wat # comb on the sides….top.?

  4. this guy is a legend and the best player in the world and no-one can out beat him but me 😉 and my hair is like this already lolz

  5. yo cronaldo is bangin no matter what his hair looks like if i eva saw him i would jump him and girl rape him he is one fine peice of meat and he is beeeeastttt at soccer my heroo and my lover fo sho he. is. my. life! so dont hate he might be kinda a gay but if he still digs girls its cool wit me!

  6. He has good hair and is a skilled player but very annoying and does dive alot and whine like a baby.
    But yeah cool hair

  7. so when he styles his hair like that and plays soccer how the hell does he expect it to saty right. i play a lot of soccer and cant be concerned about my hair at that pace.

  8. What #s should I tell my hairdresser if I want hair like d very first picture of ronaldo on this page?

  9. You shouldn't tell your hairdresser anything, I had his hairstyle (with and without mullet) and it did perfectly. You only have to ask your hairdresser to do the bangs and leave it long in the neck. You need a good gel though. If you're low on budget use "Got2be glued" gel. Don't forget to put it on halfdry hair, not totally dry or else it wil get fluffy.
    If you're bigger on budget I can suggest you to use "Playball Extreme Honey" from L'oreal Professionnel.It's the best gel I've ever used, but it has a matte effect which is very nice, your hair looks more natural.
    One last tip, when creating one of these hairstyles, first go quickly with the gel to create the basic structure, after that you can go for those detailed spikes. It takes a lot practicing though. Good luck 😉

  10. It's me again I don't want the hairstyle with a mullet!what did you mean by do the bangs and leave it long on the neck?can anyone tell me what this means?

  11. i want hairsyle like on his first picture in wihte shirt….how i can meade hair like thet…wat to tell my hairdresser how to cut my hair!?!!!?!please eplain mi!i have similar hair style but it is not to

  12. You can take the picture to the hairdresser, its the best solution. Or just ask that u want the Cristiano haircut.

  13. I love Cristiano ronaldo his style is crazy amazing oh and if you hear people say he use loreal indestructable hair gel he dosent when i was in spain he has his own brand of hair gel not cheap boots shit ok so yeh and the stuff he uses is like 45 euros = about 35 pounds yeh i know so if you want it you might have to order it online ok thanks.

  14. I think i know what gel he uses its louis vuitton hair styling product (I THINK)its definately not loreal crap from boots lol but this stuff will be very expensive if your willing to pay for it. 😀 CR9 the best player in the world

  15. Can i ask why people are obsest with his hair yeh its amazing but your NEVER guna have his hair or his looks NEVER! so chill out and watch what you dont have!!!!!!

  16. what is the name of his own brand of gel and what do you ask your hair dresser it i want my hair like this and but when you look closer it look like his thring is longer and the rest is long but abit shorter please help

  17. Hi guys, I have the Ronaldo hairstyle and get a lot of positive comments from girls (wink wink!). So maybe I can give you a few pointers to help you with the CR style. First of all, this might sound a bit crazy, but I never get my hair cut at a hairdressers, I always trim myself because I like to experiment. I always use small scissors, never a hair clipper. I always start with the sides. These are quite easy, and because they are really short, even if you f*ck it up, they will grow back quickly. When you trim the sides, use 2 mirrors, one in front of you and one on the side, so you can look into the front mirror, and see the side of your head easier. Trim to your desired length, CR hair starts very short in front of the ear, but gets slightly longer the further back to the side of the head you cut. Dont forget to style the sideburns, they look really good even from a distance if you cut them properly into the pointy triangle shape. Be careful with these, its easy to mess them up. Make sure the point of the sideburn is in the middle to where a full grown sideburn would be, and the point of the sideburn should be in line to the bottom of your ear. Cut the 2 sides of your head in line with the end of your eyebrow. Next is the top of your head. Spike your hair first, and then trim, so that you know roughly what it will look like. If you cut dry, its easier to mess up and cut too short. Trim little bits at a time, keeping it even, dont rush it. The front of the head, you can choose to leave a little bit longer and flick to one side, or you can cut the same length as the top of your head and just spike up with the rest. The back of the head (if you want the little Ronaldo mullet too, which does look great with this style! – starting from the top of the head – cut short until you get in line with the top of your ears. From the top of your ears, this is when you need to let it grow longer. If you have very short hair at the back of your head, this could take a few months to grow. Hair grows 6 inches a year, and you might want to grow 2 or 3 inches here. And finally the products. My fave product to use for this style was Vo5 Texturising Gum (about £4 if your in London like me). This keeps your spikes spiky, and keeps your long bits at the back straight. Vo5 Fibre Putty looks great because it gives a more slick shine look, but its a bit greasy and my long bits at the back would sometimes curl, didnt look good, and if my spikes were a bit longer, they could fall down a bit. Its ok for short spikes though. But for the sides I just used a dab of that cheap coloured gel that you can get in big pots, just to give my sides a wet-look finish. Remember to put a bit of water through your hair before applying the products, makes it easier to style. Dont forget to finish off this great hairstyle look with a pair of diamond ear studs. Good luck!

  18. Ronaldo fan, thanks for the advice for achieving ronaldo's faux hawk mullet, I am going to try this myself but there are a few things I need to know. What kind of length do I need on top? Do I do a longer strip through middle then cut side bits of top of hair a bit shorter to blend in with slightly longer strip through middle, is that what you go for when you do yours, what kind of lenghts? Do I need to cut short any hair behind the ears going down the sides of the back of the hair or is the whole back of the head left long for the mullet, in any picture I can't see the back of his head so don't know if any hair has to be cut or shaved down the back behind ears. Also when cutting down the sides how far back do you need to cut, Does it go much past the ear? lastly I am not very good when it comes to styling my hair so is there any advice you can give when styling, I will probably have to straighten my hair as my hair is not very good when having to style like this. You said to put a bit of water through hair before styling, Is there any other secrets to spiking and creating the style. I had no idea what to use so will give the vo5 texturising gum ago if you recommend that. If there are any other tips for the ronaldo faux hawk mullet that anyone can give me, any help would be very much appreciated. I am just no good at styling my hair.

  19. c.ronaldo eu sou seu maior fã vc tem um cabeo irado eu sempre quis ter um cabelo igual ao seu

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  21. His Haircut is out of this world his free kicks are indistructable what more can u say about him he is the best

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