Andrew Lincoln Hairstyle

If you are looking for a clean and sophisticated look with your medium length curly hair, try Andrew Lincoln hairstyle. Best known for his role in The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln draws a big set of fans due to his urban hairstyle. The look goes well with both formal and informal dressing and is a good choice for middle-aged men with few hard-earned wrinkles.

To get this perfect classy Andrew Lincoln look, you need to have natural curls that add bounce and texture to this hairstyle. Grow your hair to medium length and push back the natural waves without using much force. Sweeping back hair is less aggressive than fully slicking it back. Apply a very small amount of styling gel to hold it there. Don’t brush too much on the back and let the hair’s natural texture carry the look. This ultra-modern and suave look goes very well with a stubble.

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