7 Most Popular Actors With Curly Hair

Hollywood loves them, and girls crave for them! These gorgeous and talented actors with curly hair made their hairstyles one of their trademarks, and everybody is fascinated by their fantastic looks. 

These actors with curly hair decided to transform their ringlets into a statement, and they inspired men all over the world to embrace their rebel hair!

1. Actor with Black Curly Hair – Corbin Bleu

Black Actor with Curly Hair

Corbin Bleu from Highschool Musical loves to keep his hair natural and untamed, and you can do the same. Recreate this hairstyle by using some hair wax. It will make it look sleek and glamorous.


2. British Actor with Curls – Kitt Harrington

British Actor with Curly Hair

Name a girl who doesn’t love Kitt Harrington from Game Of Thrones! Even if the actor got married to one of his colleagues, that doesn’t stop girls adore him and his gorgeous rebel curly mane. He loves to flip his bangs on one side and gets a casual, effortless look. 


3. Actor with Blonde Curls – Finn Jones

Actor with Curly Blonde Hair

Finn Jones makes all the girls crazy with his rebel sun-kissed blonde ringlets. If you want to recreate this look, keep your hair in a medium length and define your curls with hair wax. 


4. Actor with Long Curly Hair – Finn Wolfhard

Actor with Long Curls

Finn Wolfhard quickly became one of the most beloved actors with curly hair, thanks to his role in Stranger Things. He adopts a ’90 hairstyle, just like his role in the series: a layered haircut that well defines his black ringlets.


5. Short Curly Haired Actor – Jesse Eisenberg

Short Curly Haired Actor

Jesse Eisenberg loves to keep his hair short and his curls well defined, in their natural dark red color. This is one of the best haircuts if you want to avoid all the long rebel curly hair struggles. 


6. Fat Actor with Curly Hair – Seth Rogen

Fat Actor with Curly Hair

Seth Rogen wants his curls to be noticed, free and voluminous. He does that with a haircut that defines every strand and keeps his ringlets in the spotlight. 


7. Curly Brown Haired Actor – Robert Sheehan

Actor With Curly Brown Hair

Robert Sheehan knows that his gorgeous curly hair is one of his best assets and adopts an effortless look with a medium trim that lets his riglets go wild. Also, he covers his forehead with some fabulous twirls. 


These gorgeous actors with curly hair are a real example that you can follow! They love their hair, and they showed everybody that you can look sexy and cool with your riglets.

They chose different ways to make their twirls look fantastic, from short haircuts to medium hairstyles with bangs for curly hair. You can do the same, just let the inspiration come from them!

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