Thick and Curly Hair: 7 Styling Ideas for Men

Men with curly and thick hair should pick hairstyles carefully as the hair texture isn’t suitable for all the hairstyles out there.


Hairstyles for Men with Thick and Curly Hair

Men with curly hair often find it difficult to experiment with different hairstyles, and most of them tend to keep it simple.

But there are also some men who aren’t afraid to go out of the comfort zone to try new hairstyles despite the curly thick hair texture.

If you are one of those brave men, check out the below 7 hairstyles for men with thick and curly hair.

1. Curly Faux Hawk with Pattern

hairstyles for men with thick curly hair

An undercut will always freshen up your thick curly hair and make it more unique.

Ideal for: Great for everyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone.

How to Style: All you’ll need to do is keep the curls in shape with a mousse or a cream that you usually use. A disconnected undercut will require common visits to the hairstylist.


2. Curly Undercut

wet and thick curly hairstyle for men

Wet looks are not only popular among women. This faux hawk hairstyle for men with thick curly hair looks so attractive.

Ideal for: Perfect for men who love messy, undone looks.

How to Style: Get a hair product that will help you achieve the wet look.


3. Curly Hair with Low Fade

Thick Curly Hair with Medium Fade

This is one of the coolest haircuts for men with thick curly hair. Curly hair with a fade is trending like crazy and men love it.

Ideal for: It works for anyone who has curly hair and wants to have the sides shorter.

How to Style: When you go to the hairstylist, ask for shorter sides and a medium fade. Use your favorite product to style the curls and keep them bouncy.


4. Curly Hair with Side Part

Thick Curly Hair with Side Part

If you have thick & curly hair, you should definitely consider growing it out.

Ideal for: Only brave men will want to get this hair length and flaunt a side part.

How to Style: Just get a fine-tooth comb and create a side part on the left or right.


5. Long Curly Hair

guy with thick and long curly hair

This is another statement haircut for gentlemen with thick curly hair.

Ideal for: Great for all guys who want to have long hair.

How to Style: Long curls require more work in terms of products. You can create a middle part, add a mousse for a nice finishing look.


6. Curly Pompadour

thick curly hair with highlights

Summer is the best season to play with highlights.

Ideal for: All men with curly hair can try out highlights, no matter the color of their natural hair.

How to Style: The best way to get these thick curly hairstyles for men is with a visit to the hairstylist. Avoid trying to highlight your hair at home and always consult with a professional.


7. Big Afro with Braids

thick curly hair with braids

Braids are meant for everyone, even guys with thick curly hair.

Ideal for: Great for longer hairdos.

How to Style: Simply do a braid or two wherever you want. That way, you can get your long curls away from the face and still rock a chic thick hairstyle with curls.