long slicked back hair

20 Long Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men (2024 Trends)

Slick back hairstyles are men’s favorite in 2024, and we can undoubtedly understand why! These long hairstyles are versatile and easy to reproduce, whether you have long or medium hair.  We have selected 10 long slicked back hairstyles that’ll make you visit the barbershop.

middle part hair for men

20 Incredible Middle Part Hairstyles for Men

Middle part hairstyles used to be extremely popular among men in the ’90s when every member of any boy band wore them with pride.  Now they are again back in trends and men all over the world want to recreate this old fashioned look.

Popular actors with curly hair

20 Most Popular Actors With Curly Hair

Hollywood loves them, and girls crave for them! These actors with curly hair decided to transform their ringlets into a statement, and they inspired men all over the world to embrace their rebel hair!