7 Can’t-Miss Long Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Mohawks are rebellious, eye-popping, and unconventional hairstyles that men adore and adopt to express their personalities. They involve low faded, short or bald sides and a high top hair that is considerably longer.

Mohawks are versatile and you can braid, dye, or style the way you want. Also, by choosing a long hairstyle like this you will undoubtedly get a statement hairdo that you can easily wear at parties and even at your office.

Even if the long mohawks are symbols of the punk era, men adapted them and transformed them into modern, trendy hairstyles. They are high maintenance, and if you love styling your hair and creating different hairdos, you are in the right place!

1. Long Mohawk Fade 

Men's Long Mohawk with Fade

A low fade adds substance to a mohawk and makes the top hair look even more voluminous. Also, rounded line designs that follow the shape of the hairdo are highly welcomed when you want to highlight the long top strands. 


2. Long Curly Mohawk  

Long Curly Mohawk for Men

By definition, mohawks draw all the attention and look breathtaking and if you have well-defined curls, this haircut can make the coils look absolutely brilliant. Give those stunning ringlets even more bounce by using plenty of moisturizers. 


3. Cornrow Mohawk

Cornrow Mohawk for Man with Long Hair

 Mohawks are extremely versatile, and you can arrange them the way you please. If you’re not in the mood for styling or just want something different from your mohawk, create cornrow braids for the long top hair. 


4. Long Mohawk + Shaved Sides  

Men's Long Hair Mohawk with Shaved Sides

If you have a very long mohawk, you can either style your locks upwards or knit the whole thing into a long French braid. Also, keep your sides shaved to give the pigtail more dimension and transform it into a real statement. 


 5. Long Mullet Mohawk

Long Mohawk Mullet  for Men

Who said that when you style a mohawk, you can’t get as creative as you want? Section your long it into two parts and use the top hair to make a man bun. The other half must be loose and tousled to create that messy mullet look. 


 6. Long Braided Mohawk

Long Braided Mohawk for Men

When styling the mohawk, there are no rules because you can make it as wide as you want. Thanks to that, you can wear your hair on one side, covering one of the shaved parts or braid the whole thing into a knit that falls on your back. 


 7. Mohawk Undercut on Long Hair

Men's Mohawk Undercut on Long Hair

Undercuts are again in high demand, and men adore to combine them with mohawks because they highlight the top hair. If you want a fabulous look, braid the long locks and style a long ducktail beard.

Along the time, mohawks became adaptable modern hairstyles not only for women but also for men. They can make anyone look rebellious, or they even are suitable for office days. After reading this article, which one of the hairstyles presented above, you would love to try?