7 Impressive Marine Haircuts for Men

Marine haircuts are short and extremely low-maintenance, making them the perfect fit for guys that need a straightforward, sharp look all the time. These hairstyles involve faded sides and back and short hair on top, no longer than 3 inches, as the Marine haircut rules specify.

On the other hand, if you don’t work for the army or marine and styling your hair every day is not a thing you want to be part of the morning routine, this haircut is just the thing you wanted.


Marine Haircuts

After seeing the marine haircuts below, you’ll agree that these hairstyles are the actual proof that short hair can make you look like a real badass. And a pretty hot one, too! Give them a try, and you certainly won’t regret the decision!

1. High And Tight

Marine High And Tight Haircut

The high and tight haircut keeps the sides and back in a bald fade, and your top hair blended into longer hair. The upper area can have a few millimeters more than the rest or can be long enough to comb. 


2. Marine Fade Haircut

Marine Fade Haircut

Want to shave the sides? Marine fade haircuts keep most of your sides and back areas cut to the skin and the top, just slightly longer.


3. Flat Top Haircut

Marine Flat Top Haircut

Like the other Marine haircuts, this hairstyle uses a bald fade for sides and back but keeps the top hair longer so that it can be trimmed flat.


4. Crew Cut 

Crew Cut for Marine Guys

The crew cut keeps the top hair short, sometimes in a small pompadour shape. The rest of the hair is tapered or razored into a bald fade. You can try both options and tell us which one you liked more.


5. Mohawk Fade

Marine Mohawk Haircut

A mohawk fade is very popular at the moment because so many celebrities adore it! You can opt for bald or pretty short sides and a few inches mohawk that doesn’t need styling.


 6. Butch Cut

butch cut for marine guy

For the butch haircut, the top and the back head hair have the same length while the sides are being shortened with a taper or even bald fade. Also, you can better define the forehead by razoring the extra hair and styling a better frame.


7. Induction Cut

Induction Cut

The induction cut follows the natural lines of the head and is the shortest of the marine and military cuts. It doesn’t require any guarders for the trimming machine, making it one of the hairstyles you can easily do at home.  There are longer variations of this hairstyle, the burr cut, or the butch cut, and you can try those too!

Don’t you just love the Marine haircuts? Not only the U.S military can wear these very easy to do hairstyles, but also civilians that are not in the mood for hair styling every morning.

On the other hand, if you really are in the marine, you need a haircut that is no longer than 3 inches, and the options are not limitless. The examples you saw above are the best idea for you, just adapt them to your own taste and tell us which one you prefer!