15 Fresh Tapered Hairline Looks For Men

Tapers are fabulous fades that gradually reduce the hair length and which we know you guys adore to use in so many hairstyles. This time, we propose to you something different, bold that will have a tremendous impact on your look: hairline tapers.

Use the short trimming not only for the sides and back, but also to create impressive front or back tapered hairlines. Also, a razor to remove extra hair and to better define your lines.

However, the results will be more than you ever thought about, and we have some inspiring examples to sustain this idea. Browse through the pictures below and tell us which of these ideas you would love to try!

1. Front Taper Hairline

Front Taper Hairline

Use a taper cut not only on sides and back, but also to create a frame on your forehead. If you want, make the hairline cut at home with a trimmer. Be careful when sectioning the hair!


2. Tapered Hairline on Curls

Tapered Hairline On Curly Hair

By tapering the sides and back, you will get a beautiful, gradually trimmed hair that will emphasize your stunning curly top. To give the ringlets more definition, use hair gel, and let your coils bounce. 


3. Afro Hairline Taper

Afro with Tapered Hairline

To create a very defined hairline, use a trimming machine and one of the shortest clipper to make that short cut. To accomplish those perfectly straight lines, use a razor. Choose a taper for the sides and back. This way, you will add more value to the top curls.


4. Double Tapered Hairline

double tapered hairline

If you know you don’t have precision, visit a barber to help you get a double tapered hairline. If you have faith in your hands, use a trimmer and a razor to define that short area and separate the longer strands from the short hair, creating a line. Use styling gel to keep the curls backward.


5. Tapered Neckline

Tapered Neckline

Define your natural nape hair by tapering it and razoring the unnecessary hair until it looks neat and perfectly shaped. Also, use a taper fade for the sides and style your longer top hair however you desire.


6. 1940s Hairline Taper

1940s Hairline Taper

By razoring all the extra hair from the hairline, you will obtain a marvelous contour that makes any man look neat and sharp. A tapered undercut hair with longer top swept on one side is a true inspiration!


7. 1950s Neckline Taper

1950s Neckline Taper

Give your neckline high definition with a long tapered trim and beautifully razored edges. Complete the look with a medium beard and wear your top locks tossed on one part.


8. Low Tapered Neckline

Low Tapered Neckline

Create an edgy, beautiful neckline that highlights the tapered fade. Comb your top hair backward and keep it in one place with styling gel. 


9. Tapered Hairline on Dreads

Tapered Hairline on Dreads

Such a mesmerizing idea to combine the tapered hairline with dreadlocks. This way, you will create a face contour while your updo makes the hairdo stand out.


10. Braids + Front Taper

Tapered Frontline With Braids

Style a line that will separate the frontline taper from the rest of the hairdo. Use a razor to get better framing and definition. For the cornrow braids, create six parts, highly moisturize them and knit a twist on each one of them.


11. Long Hair Neck Taper

Long Hair Neck Taper

This one of the most preferred hairstyles for men over 50 that experience receding hairline and gray hair. Split your hair into two sections: the crown hair and the sides and nape. For the second part, get a tapered trim and pin the other top in a ponytail.


12. Neck Taper Hair with Designs

Neck Taper Hair with Designs

Use a taper fade to obtain a short cut, define the nape hairline with a razor, and make a beautiful design in the back. 


13. Taper Fade + Receding Hairline

Taper Fade on Receding Hairline

Receding hairline is a problem many men encounter, but there are some ways you can successfully fight this issue. Draw the line you want to follow and use a razor to style it. Disconnect your beard from the rest of the hair with a temple fade.


14. Layered Neckline Haircut

layered neckline haircut for men

A gradually tapered fade will create a layered impression for the back and sides while your long top hair is placed on one side. Define the neckline with a razor by removing extra hair. 


15. Comb Over + Tapered Back

comb over with tapered back

Keep the top hair long and create a tapered undercut. Using a razor, shave unnecessary nape hair and wear your crown longer locks combed backward. The outcome will make you look fabulous!

Whoever thoughts that front taper headline will ever become a thing, but here we are, and we all got madly in love with it! It is so popular at this moment that any guy who wants a trendy look asks the barber to style him any type of taper with an edgy headline. What can we say, when it comes to hairstyling, we are just as inventive as women!