mohawk fade hairstyle for men

25 Sexy Mohawk Fade Haircuts for Men

Have you heard of mohawk fades? If you haven’t, there are several reasons they should be on your haircut list the next time you head to the salon for a new look: first, they’re an edgy and bold style; second, they flatter a variety of face shapes; and third: they’re just hot.

The Coolest 4 Year Old Boy Haircuts for 2024

Struggling with what haircut is best for your 4-year-old boy? It can be difficult deciding which cut will not only make them look good but make for a quick style and go in the mornings before you need to go to work and they need to be at school.

70s Hairstyles for Men

15 Iconic 70s Hairstyles for Men

Men’s hairstyles in the 70s were some of the coolest. Everything from shags, long and short styles, blow-dried and feathered cuts, and even the infamous pompadours were in and seen everywhere.