21 Attractive Male Models With Long Hair

For any men looking for a trendy long hair look, male models are the place to reference. You’re guaranteed a fashionable haircut that is tried and true.

For men looking for long hairstyles that turn heads but are also low maintenance, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of options. From a simple center or side part to a man bun or ponytail, long looks come in all different styles.


Male Models With Long Hair

For hair inspiration, check out these 21 long hairstyles donned by male models that are a must-try for men in 2024.

1. Brock O’Hurn 

male models with long hair

When you have long brunette hair, touch it up with highlights to bring warmth to your face and for built-in style you can simply run your fingers through.


2. Willy Cartier 

long haired male models

Wavy or curly hair simply calls for a center part for subtle style. Spritz a curl spray through strands to keep frizz at bay.


3. Bram van Adrichem 

male models long hairstyle

If your hair meets the jawline, opt for a modern blunt cut and a heavy side part which will create body and texture.


4. Michael Bailey-Gates

famous model with long hair

Michael Bailey-Gates rocks an updated version of a mullet by getting rid of the choppiness around the crown and instead smoothing everything out for a more professional look.


5. Wim De Klerk

male models with long hairstyle

Style your slightly wavy hair with a center or side part which flatters thin or stringy hair. This slightly messy look is hot but still work-appropriate.


6. Sasha Kalem

long haired male models

A choppy long layered hairstyle that meets the jawline pairs well with a mustache and goatee. Part hair in the center for a simple stylish look.


7. Ruanui Dalton

male model Ruanui Dalton with long hair

Dalton’s man bun should be emulated by men with long hair everywhere. To keep it masculine, don’t wrap it too tightly and leave a few strands loose around the face.


8. Ben Dahlhaus

male model Ben Dahlhaus with long hair

Another great style option for men with long hair is to pull the top half back into a ponytail. Paired with a suit or gym attire, you’ll always look good.


9.  Johnny Harrington

long haired male model

Johnny Harrington wears his wavy red shoulder-length hair with a bushy beard. This style can be pulled back in a ponytail for a gym workout or smoothed and left down for the office.


10. Patrick Petitjean

popular models with long hair

To copy Petitjean’s long hairstyle, enhance curls or waves with a texturing creme and leave loose. Paired with a bushy beard, this style is rustic and sexy.


11. Konan Hanbury

male models with long hair

Hanbury’s casual ponytail is the perfect two-second updo for when you’re heading to the gym.


12. Viggo Jonasson

popular male models with long hair

Viggo Jonasson’s surfer bum beach waves are a hot look for any guy craving a sun-kissed long hairstyle. Spritz a sea salt spray in locks and scrunch along a center part.


13. Tony Thornburg 

model Tony Thornburg with long braid

A forward or backward cap is skater boyish when worn with a low loose braid. Wear it over the shoulder to give your face dimension.


14. Derek Jaeschke

long haired male models

Another messy shoulder-length hairstyle like this is easy to create: simply wash and go or use your fingers to run a texturing creme through locks. Smooth frizz with hairspray.


15. Michael Tintiuc 

long hairstyle by male model

Two low braids secured with a neutral elastic band are boho yet rocker-chic. A fedora or cowboy hat will add extra style to this look.


16. Maximiliano Patane

male model with long hairstyle

Patane wears his wavy long locks loose and tousled, but another option is to pull back the top half into a ponytail.


17. Giaro Giarratana 

long curly hairstyle by male model

If your hair is ultra curly, show them off and make everyone jealous! Leave hair down but don’t let the style become overwhelming – a side part will control locks.


18. Nitin Chauhan

model Nitin Chauhan with long hair

This high man bun flatters every face shape and takes a minute to put together. Keep a hair tie on your wrist when you want hair out of your way and this hairstyle will always be at your fingertips.


19. David Chiang 

long hairstyles by male models

Chiang’s center part is straight and simple but still stylish. Long mostly straight hair fits this cut the best and will be a favorite for men who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their hair.


20. Jaco van den Hoven

long haired male model



21. Josh Mario John

model Josh Mario John with long hair

Half updos are a favorite for a reason: they take a second to style and keep hair out of your face. A scruffy beard keeps it masculine.


As you can see from the above male models, long hairstyles don’t have to be stressful. Most, if not all, most of these take a minute to throw together but they all end up with one result: you looking at your best. Have fun experimenting; you can’t go wrong with these versatile looks made for all face shapes!