30 Coolest Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Undercut hairstyles have the potential to be real head turners considering all the different ways there are to style them. For celebrities, the men’s undercut is the fallback favorite when a new look is warranted. The “long on top, short on sides” rule has never failed, whether the person’s hair is curly, straight, thick or thin.


Different Types of Undercut

The undercut will show everyone you take pride in your hairstyle, but they won’t realize you don’t spend hours in the salon to look this amazing.

See how you can sport the classic cut into your daily style with these 30 super hot looks!

1. Undercut Fade

faded undercut for guys

Combine an undercut with any level of fade for the ultimate good-looking haircut. To keep your style professional, make sure any facial hair is always trimmed up as well.


2. Curly Undercut

men's curly undercut

This curly men’s undercut dresses up the sides with a subtle shaved design for an edgy look.


3. Disconnected Undercut

disconnected undercut

A disconnected undercut features long hair on one side and shaved hair on the other combined with an undercut for the ultimate bold style.


4. Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut

To give a 21st-century nod to a Viking hairstyle, slick back medium to long hair and pair it with an undercut and fade.


5. Crew Cut + Undercut

Crew Cut with Undercut

Don’t want to spend a lot of time on your hair? A crew cut is a wake-up and go style that keeps hair pretty short and focuses all attention on flattering facial structure.


 6. Undercut for Long Hair

Undercut for Men with Long Hair

When running errands or at the gym, you’ll always look good with your long hair pulled up and an undercut to complement it.


7. Short Hair Undercut

Short Hair Undercut

If you have thick hair, accentuate your best feature by creating a medium fade and undercut to frame it.


8. Side Swept Undercut 

Side Swept Undercut 

The side swept undercut is a favorite of actor Chris Hemsworth. If you don’t have naturally straight hair, you’ll have to do a bit more maintenance to get this look.


9. Side Part Undercut

Side Part Undercut

A side part undercut is easy to create: after choosing the level fade you prefer, part the hair to one side and smooth. 


10. Asian Undercut

Asian men's Undercut

A sexy poof with your undercut is easy to create with mousse and a blow dryer. Use hairspray for all day hold.


11. Tapered Undercut

Tapered Undercut

A tapered undercut is not only easy for you to maintain but pleasing to the eyes of others. Any length of hair makes for a great top.


12. Mohawk Undercut

Mohawk Undercut for Men

From the curly mohawk, to the shaved in details in the fade on this undercut style, there’s nothing that doesn’t say bad to the bone.


13. Nape Undercut 

Nape Undercut for Guys

A nape undercut is different from regular undercuts in that it’ll be hidden by medium to long hair when down. When pulled up, a hot surprise is underneath.


14. Pompadour Undercut

Pompadour Undercut

The popular pompadour works for any age. While some styles feature it with a side part smoothed down, this one gets a fade and undercut for cool edge.


15. Comb Over Undercut

Comb Over Undercut

You don’t need too much hair to style a comb over. In the morning, this cut will take only a couple of minutes to style.


16. Undercut Dreads 

Undercut Dreads 

If you like the boho vibes, dreads and an undercut are a great match for each other. Slide a couple neutral beads onto dreads for even more relaxed style.


17. Undercut Designs 

Undercut Designs 

When you want your undercut to stand out and show your personality, ask your stylist to shave in a special design.


18. Messy Undercut

Messy Undercut

When it comes to a messy hairstyle, there is such a thing as too messy. With an undercut and messy texture, you won’t have to worry about looking sloppy!


19. Boys Undercut

Boys Undercut

Make sure your kiddo is the most handsome little gentleman at school with a low maintenance side parted undercut.


20. Man Bun Undercut

Man Bun with Undercut

The man couldn’t get any more sexy than adding a line up to edges. Whether you have facial hair or not, this style is rough and rugged.


21. Shaved Undercut

Shaved Undercut

Rock a little Bruno Mars swagger with a shaved undercut. Use fingers to direct hair to either side and shape with styling creme.


22. Korean Undercut 

Korean Undercut 

A colorful undercut pops with pale turquoise. Keeping the cut short all around is the best way to draw attention to your eyes.


23. Undercut on Braids

Undercut on Man Braids

A braided style with an undercut is low maintenance all around. It’s perfect for the busy man who doesn’t want to have to mess with his hair for a few days.


24. Man Ponytail + Undercut

Man Ponytail with Undercut

To keep a ponytail from being just a bit too feminine, ask your stylist to shave in an undercut.


25. Undercut on Faux Hawk

Undercut on Faux Hawk

A faux hawk with an undercut is probably the most popular haircut for men for its easy style and high sex appeal.


26. Undercut with Beard

Undercut with Beard

A thick head of hair is what the ladies love – put it all out there with a trendy undercut to keep thick locks from being too bushy.


27. Quiff Undercut

Quiff Undercut

A quiff is a section of hair brushed up and backward from the front of the head. Style it with fingers or a brush and you’re good to go.


28. Connected Undercut

Connected Undercut

An attractive connected undercut shows a very subtle change between the undercut and where the rest of the hair is longer.


29. Low Fade Undercut 

Low Fade Undercut

While most low fade undercuts have a horizontal line they stop at the sides of the head, this one stays consistent all around the head for a different look.


30. High Faded Undercut

High Faded Undercut

Another style easy to put touch-ups on in the morning is the high faded undercut – smooth strays with mousse or spray and you’re off!


As you can see, there is more than enough variety for men’s undercut hairstyles. As undercuts are short hair, you really just need to worry about what top hair you’ll be happy with – curly, straight, a pompadour, a side part?

Team up with your stylist and have fun playing around before deciding. On the other hand, your hair will grow back quickly, so you can always try another style if you aren’t totally happy.