5 Greatest Lightning Bolt Haircut Ideas

One of the fun parts of being a part is helping your child choose how to express their personality. A great way you can do that is by taking them to get a cool haircut, like one with an intricate lightning bolt on the side. Whether you pair the symbol with a boy’s mohawk, a platinum afro top, or a half-shaved side, there’s a unique way to work it into a hairstyle your child will love.


Lightning Bolt Haircuts for Kids

The below lightning bolt haircuts will give you inspiration when it comes to giving your child a haircut that will make them feel good about themselves.

1. Flash Lightning Bolt Haircut

Flash Lightning Bolt Haircut for Boys

This flash lightning bolt haircut is the center of attention with a bold circle surrounding it. Leave the rest of the hair long for a cool contrast.


2. Lightning Bolt Mohawk for Boys

Lightning Bolt Mohawk Haircut

A lightning bolt paired with a mohawk makes for the ultimate cool haircut. Make the style hold all day with a couple spritzes of hairspray.


3. Lightning Bolt Design with Platinum Color

Lightning Bolt Hair Design For Black Boys

Let your kiddo have fun with colors, such as gold or platinum, with a little bit of platinum while the sides get action from a shaved lightning bolt detail.


4. Lightning Bolt Shaved Design

Boy's Lightning Bolt Shaved Hair Design


5. Boy’s Undercut + Lightning Bolt Design

Boy's Undercut with Lightning Bolt Design