20 Best Man Bun Braids for All Hair Types

If you have long hair and you’ve ever been curious about the man bun and braids now is the time to try! With so many versions of the bun and braids, there’s something that’ll definitely work for you.

Whether you choose to braid your hair into tiny detailed cornrows before pulling it into a thick man bun or go for several thick cornrows gathered into a bun to keep it low maintenance, you can’t lose!


New Ideas of Man Bun Braids

These 20 amazing man bun braids need to be on your list if you’re looking for a style that’ll have you looking your best all the time.

1. Two Braids + Man Bun

Two man Braids into Bun

A shaved fade accompanies the two braids on this man bun hairstyle for a neat stylish look that’ll hold up for at least a couple of weeks.


2.  Man Bun + Braids for Black Guys

Braided Black Man Bun 

Have your stylist form tiny cornrows before pulling them into a man bun for another take on the trendy hairstyle. The shaved fade on the sides ensures you won’t have too much styling to do.


3. Short Man Bun Braids

Man Bun Braids On Short Hair

Criss-crossed cornrows make this man bun hairstyle super detailed, truly setting it apart from traditional man buns.


4. Braids + Man Bun + Fade

braided man bun with fade

Give the bottom half of your head a fade and braid the top half of your head before pulling it into a man bun for three times the details.


5. French Braid + Man Bun

French Braided Man Bun

A fade with a French braid on either one side or both is an unusual style to rock but one you can be sure will set your haircut apart.


6. Samurai Bun + Braids

A mixture of thin and thick braids are swept up into a Samurai bun in this hairstyle for men with long hair. A thin undercut outlines the style.


7. Dutch Braided Man Bun

Whether you highlight or simply thread hair string through your braids, a punch of color helps a Dutch braided man bun stand out. 


8. Man Bun Braids for Caucasian

Brunette braids that head straight back from the forehead and gather into a man bun are a simple style but neat and professional enough to wear to any office job.


9. Braids + Man Bun + Undercut

A small section of undercut is nothing compared to the tiny braided detail on this man bun. Your braids can be any size but the result will be hot.


10. Long Man Bun Braids

Man Bun Braids for Long Hair

Alternate thick and thin man bun braids for an intricate hairstyle you can leave in for several days without having to touch up.


11. Mohawk Braids into Bun

A braided man bun like this will take more time to style and pull together than other looks, but the result is detailed and something to envy for friends. A high fade keeps it cool and edgy.


12. Cornrow + Man Bun

Three sections of wavy cornrows separate this braided man bun from every other one out there whose braids are usually straight.


13.  Side Braided Man Bun

Not all braids have to be on the top of your head. This loose braid starts just above the ear on the side. Whether you do just one or one on each side, the result is a casual styled braided man bun.


14. Men’s Braided Bun with Beard

Have fun with color and go for platinum highlights that will show through your braids. When hair is pulled into the man bun, a tapered fade complements a scruffy beard for an overall posh look.


15. Box Braids + Man Bun 

Box Braided Man Bun 

If your hair is in box braids, a man bun is an easy way to put together a quick style if you’re in a hurry or on your way to the gym.


16. Bun + Braided Designs


17. Bun + 3 Braids


18. Braided Bun for Men with Shaved Sides


19. Asian Man Bun Braids

asian man bun with braids


20. Viking Braids + Bun

Viking Braided Bun for Men