Boys Fade Haircuts – 25 Different Combinations to Try

If your boy could use a freshen up for his hairstyle, give him a fade haircut! When it comes to kids, we often don’t think they need or want a cute haircut of their own, but they have their own sense of style we should help encourage.


Fade Haircuts for Boys

Fade is hot right now no matter which age-group we’re talking about. Here are the 25 boys fade haircuts you should have your kiddo try!

1. Fade for Black Boys

Fade Haircut for Black Boys

A shaved heart design spices up the traditional fade hairstyle. Choose any design you like and place it on one side or both to liven up your style.


2. Little Boy with Faded Hair

Little Boys Fade Haircut

Make your little boy the coolest kid at school by giving him a flashy fade haircut! It’ll make him look grown-up and the style will last several weeks.


3. Curly Hair Fade

White Boy with Fade Haircut

Accentuate curly locks with a fade haircut that curves around the ears and a thick shaved line. This cut leaves room for styling curls but keeps everything else neat.


4. Taper Fade

Boys Taper Fade Haircut

A man with long dreaded locks pulls back his hair into a ponytail and doesn’t have to worry about it being a simple style when a fade haircut is incorporated.


5. Bald Fade

Bald Fade Haircut For Boys

A bald fade is an adorable young boy’s hairstyle but it’s also very grown-up. Your boy will appreciate the hair being kept off his neck and ears with this fresh do.


6. Short Fade

Short Fade for Boys

For kids who don’t want to go super short all around, give them a short fade that only clippers the hair midway and leaves plenty of hair on top so they don’t feel too bare.


7. Low Fade

Boy's Low Fade

Teenagers especially will prefer a low fade haircut which is very adult-like and trendy. For this style, grow the hair out a couple of inches so it’s a big shaggy and easy to style.


8. High Fade for Boys

High Fade Cut for Boys

A high fade haircut is also a popular boy’s hairstyle. It’s subtle in that the clippered area is cut only marginally shorter than your hair’s usual length, but will still be noticeably different.


9. Burst Fade

Burst Fade on Boy's Hair

The burst fade haircut gets its name from how the shape of the fade seems to “burst” behind the ear like a sun rising. Pair the look with a mohawk or a wider strip of hair.


10. Skater Boy’s Fade Haircut 

Skater Boy's Fade Haircut

For thick hair, a fade haircut will complement the texture beautifully. Leave a strip in the middle and comb it back for this skater hairstyle.


11. Fade for Mixed Boys

Fade for Mixed Boys


12. Boys Fade + Part

Boys Fade with Part


13. Fade Haircut for Boys with Line

Fade Haircut for Boys with Line


14. Boys Long Fade with Design

Boys Long Fade With Design


15. Temp Fade for Boys

Temp Fade For Boys


16. Boys Comb Over Fade 

Boys Comb Over Fade


17. Boys Fade Haircut with Design

Boys Fade Haircut with Design


18. Curly Fade for Boys

Curly Fade for Boys


19. Braided Fade for Teen Boys

Braided Fade for Teen Boys


20. Straight Hair Fade

Fade Haircuts For Boys With Straight Hair


21. Faded Mohawk

Faded Mohawk for Boys


22. Boys Twist With Fade

Boys Twist Hair with Fade


23. Drop Fade

Boy with Drop Fade


24. Boy’s Faux hawk Fade

Boy's Fauxhawk Fade 


25. Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Fade For Boys