7 Mid Skin Fades That Are Blowing Up This Year

If you like to keep your look stylish and smooth, a mid skin fade should be on your hairstyle radar. While they are typically favored by men with thick hair, men with any type of hair can try this hairstyle.

As you’ll learn the next time you visit the barbershop, the clipper level your stylist uses will completely change your look, but in a good way.


Medium Skin Fade Haircuts

Check out these 7 mid skin fade haircuts you’ll feel like a true king in. You can also try high skin fade, temp fade, low fade or curly fade.

1. Mid Skin Fade on Comb Over

Mid Skin Fade on Comb Over 

Mid skin fade with a comb over shapes and styles not just the top thick hair, but the surrounding sides and any facial hair you might have.


2. Medium Skin Faded Undercut

Medium Skin Faded Undercut 

A medium skin fade undercut looks super hot with hair flipped up at the front of the head and an undercut at the back keeping things neat and off the neck.


3. Mid Skin Fade for Black Men

Mid Skin Fade for Black Men  

Black men with afro-textured short hair will like this mid skin fade. There’s plenty of hair left at the top but half way down is where the fade starts for a cut that’s still smooth.


4. Mid Skin Faded Pompadour

Pompadour with Mid Skin Fade  


5. Asian Fade

Mid Skin Fade on Asian Hair  


6. Medium Skin Fade + Hard Part

Medium Skin Fade Haircut with Hard Part 


 7. Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz Cut with Mid Skin Fade