15 Best 90s Hairstyles for Men to Copy

If you’re a millennial, you’ll no doubt remember how the 90s were full of great hairstyles. Leonardo DiCaprio and the boy bands were hot, so it was all about long hair parted in the middle. Skateboarding was also popular so the grunge look meant guys could roll out of bed with messy hair and the look was instantly attractive.


The 90s Hairstyles for Men

If you’re looking to throw your look back to a time of nostalgic style, check out the best of the 90s with these classic hairstyles. You’re sure to find a look that will work for you.

1. Grunge Hairstyle

90s Grunge Hairstyles For Guys 

Grunge hairstyles were all about long hair and bedhead. To get this look you’ll want to grow your hair out at least several inches so you can use your fingers to style it.


2. Curtains Haircut

90s Curtains Hair

The middle part is saved for those men with long hair. Use it as a nod to the 90s and Leonardo DiCaprio.


3. 90s Skater Haircut

90s Skater Boy Haircut

This 90s skater haircut is a little longer in the back while the bangs are cut short to meet the middle of the forehead.


4. 90s Hairstyle for Black Men

90s Hairstyles for Black Men

If you’re an African American man with short black hair, a hard part at either side takes no time at all and it’s something you can do yourself at home.


5. 90s Braided Hairstyle for Men

90s man braids

Another stylish option for short black hair is man braids. Leave them banded at the ends or do something edgier with safety pins clipped in.


6. 90s Man With Curly Hair

90s Man With Curly Hair

While loose curly hair can at times seem difficult to style, a little bit of curl creme is all you need to create a middle part for a curtain bang.


7. 90s Mullet

90s Mullet for Men

No one ever wanted to wear a 90s mullet more than when actor Dacre Montgomery made it hot in Stranger Things. This style is versatile so wear it with straight or curly hair!


8. 90s Caesar Cut

90s Caesar Cut

The Caesar haircut typically features horizontally cut bangs that are sometimes side-swept. It’s most flattering for straight hair as locks lie flat.


9. Man Bob

Man Bob from 90s

Bobs aren’t just for women – they’re also a great option for men with short to medium length hair. A soft curtain bang frames the face and keeps the look from being too harsh.


10. 90s Afro

90s Afro Haircut

Show it off long black hair with a 90s afro. It’s a great style to hang onto because as long as your hair has several inches to it, you can rock it!


11. Side Part Haircut

90s Side Part Haircut

A side part on short blonde hair not only creates dimension but makes any face look younger. Keep bangs short so they land just at the eye-flattering level.


12. 90s Men With Blonde Highlights

90s Men With Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights bring light to a dark or pale complexion. Go heavy on the color near the front of the face to keep the color noticeable.


13. Feathered Hair

90s Feathered Hair

A feathered hairstyle is a rock ‘n roll nod to favorites like Bon Jovi. With layers on layers, it creates a beautiful body so even if you have thin hair, no one will know.


14. Slick Back Hair

90s Slick Back Hair for Men

For hair on the lengthier side, create a side part then slick it back while creating volume. You can trim up facial hair as well for a neat look or leave it scruffy for contrast.


15. 90s Flat Top

90s Flat Top Hairstyle

A 90s flat top is created by using guards that guide a stylist’s clippers or shaver to achieve the desired hair length. You can round out edges or keep a boxy appearance.


These 15 hairstyles from the 1990s are all great choices and fashionable ways to show off your personality. Long or short hair, you’ll find something you love on this list. Don’t be afraid to put your own touch on your hairstyle, whether it’s a bit of color, an extra couple layers, or something else you and your stylist come up with. Make it you!