Ben McKenzie Hairstyle

Ben Mckenzie short hairstyle

Known as the blonde, boy-next-door heartthrob in the teen hit series The OC and now portraying the lead in Gotham, Ben McKenzie is no stranger to Hollywood fame. But despite his success he has managed to keep some thing about himself constant, including his signature short hairstyle that gives him that distinct boy-next-door appeal. Here’s how to get his low-fuss hairstyle. How to Get the […] more

Washing Hair Tips: Shampooing the Roots, Conditioning the Ends

Do you want to have healthy yet beautiful hair? If you do, you need to check back the way you wash your hair because it significantly influences the condition of your hair. It is true that dirty hair needs to be washed in order to keep it healthy. However, washing hair inappropriately will only damage your hair. Your hair might lose its shine and become […] more

Jamie Dornan’s Bed-head Hairstyle

Jamie Dornan hairstyle

Right at the heels of the excitement over the sensational Fifty Shades of Grey is the unmistakable furor over Jamie Dornan, the male lead of the book’s movie adaptation. Rugged and blond, Dornan is known for his brooding looks and his bedhead hair which seems to appear in a perpetual state of stylish disarray. Described by Hollywood hair experts as a messy but dressy hairstyle, […] more

Need No Hair Book Review – No More Unwanted Body Hair on Men

Need No Hair book

So you are one of those hairy guys? It must be quite irritating to manage the hair on many parts of your body. Let’s face that girls are no longer see hairy chest as macho style. In contrary, they see it as something gross to see not to mention to touch. Most women would prefer man with smooth skin without those irritating hair. You also […] more

DJ Khaled Short Taper Fade Cut with Beard

Rapper, producer and radio personality DJ Khaled is one of the most notable personalities when it comes to rap and hip hop. He also has a distinct combination of hairstyle and facial hair that makes him easily recognizable wherever he goes. Clean and easy to manage, this short taper fade cut is a versatile hairstyle that will suit any guy, whether you are a hotshot […] more

The Biggest Wahl Hair Clipper Guide Comb

Wahl comb #12

Many people do not satisfied with their short haircut because they feel the hair is too short although the barber already used the biggest guide comb they have, #8, resulting about one inch in length. They are true, the longest comb is usually #8 or #10 if they buy hair clipper or guide comb in a set or kit. If you need a bigger comb, […] more

Oliver Cooper Medium-Length Curly Hairstyle


American actor Oliver Cooper may not be the typical Holywood hunk but he does have a strong, nerdy appeal that makes him attractive to many of his female fans. Known for his work in Project X and Internet video shorts, Cooper is easily recognizable by his mop of thick, curly hair which he keeps well-textured and curly. Here’s how to get this natural and effortless […] more

Rex Lee Short Spike Hairstyle

Photo credit: Brian To (WENN).

Rex Lee is an American-Korean actor who made it big in Hollywood with supporting roles in such shows as Entourage. Lee has sported a somewhat conservative haircut with spiky style which he makes up for with the occasional flamboyant hair color. Lee often sports his hair closely cropped with the hair longer at the front. How to Get the Rex Lee Hairstyle The Rex Lee […] more

Murray’s Superior vs Super Light Pomade


Murray’s pomade is a well known hair styling product established since 1925. Now it has variant from strong-hold (Superior) up to light-hold (Super Light) pomade. Murray’s Superior and Super Light Pomade have different characteristic, not only on its prices but also on its ingredient and performance. As it is mention on its package, Murray’s Super Light Pomade consists of Petrolatum, Lanolin, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, […] more

Haircolors That Make A Man Look Younger


Any resolution for the upcoming year? Everyone has different way of welcoming New Year. One may plan a holiday abroad. The other may want to change his look. Do you plan this too? You probably have your own hairstylist who understands well the shape of your face, the type of your hair and the proper hair model that suits well your face. See him and […] more

Marco Reus Hairstyle

Marco Reus hairdo. Photo by Michael Kranewitter.

Footballer Marco Reus is a natural ginger who manages to pull off a very versatile and stylish hairstyle that fits his personality. Reus has always been known to sport unconventional hairstyles, from his statement subtle mohawk back when he played for Die Fohlen to a more evolved, polished look that still maintained a hint of fun as he grew older. He is often spotted today […] more

What is the Difference between Shaving Cream and Soap

We have to admit that facial hair is one of the body’s part that is quite sexy and also important for men, especially who really care about their looks. As you can see, many women believe that men with this kind of hair are hotter and also sexier than the other men with no facial hair. This is why; many men try to grow this […] more

The Right Beard Styles for Round Face Shape

Tobey Maguire

Beard is one of the most common facial hairs. More and more men now have beard since it could make their appearance look more attractive. However, it’s very important for you to choose the right beard style if you want to improve your appearance by growing beard. The style that you should choose will be determined by the shape of your face. If you are […] more

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