How To Get A Tyler Durden Messy Spiky Hairstyle Like Fight Club?

Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt’s character in the cult classic movie, “Fight Club,” sports a hairstyle that has become a symbol of rebellious charm. A lot of men wonder how to get Tyler Durden’s hairstyle.  

Though Tyler (Brad Pitt) was seen with multiple hairstyles in fight club his messy spiky hair got the most popularity among his haircuts. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to get a fight club hairstyle like Tyler Durden.

Who Is Tyler Durden?

Photo of Tyler Durden Messy Spiky Hairstyle.

Tyler Durden is a fictional character created by author Chuck Palahniuk in his novel “Fight Club,” published in 1996. The film was directed by David Fincher in 1999, where Brad Pitt portrayed the character.

In the story, Tyler Durden is a charismatic and enigmatic character who forms an underground fight club with the novel’s unnamed narrator, played by Edward Norton in the film. Later, it grows into a much more politically activist group and we learn that Durden and the narrator are two different personalities sharing one body. 

Tyler represents a rejection of societal norms and consumerism, advocating for a return to primal instincts and a dismantling of the existing social order.

What Does Tyler Durden’s Hairstyle Look Like?

Picture of Tyler Durden Messy Spike Hairstyle

The best description available for this hairstyle is a messy spike. The hair is cut short on the sides and in the back with a little extra length left on top. Here are the key elements of Tyler Durden’s hairstyle

  • Length: The hair on the sides and back is usually kept short, typically with a clipper guard setting between #1 and #2. This creates a noticeable contrast with the longer hair on top.
  • Texture: The top portion of the hair is left longer and styled with a textured, tousled appearance. This is achieved by using styling products like wax or pomade to add definition and separation to the hair strands.
  • Messy look: Tyler Durden’s hairstyle is intentionally messy and slightly unkempt. It gives off a rebellious and carefree vibe. To achieve this, you can use your fingers or a comb to loosely tousle and arrange the hair without aiming for perfect symmetry.

Among other hairstyles of Tyler Durden in Fight Club, these were the most popular ones: 

Buzz Cut with Design

Tyler Durden with Short Hair in Fight Club

Apart from messy spiky hair, one of the most recognizable hairstyles associated with Tyler Durden in fight club is the bold buzz cut. This no-nonsense look is a statement in itself, projecting strength, confidence, and a rugged charm.

The buzz cut entails trimming the hair to a uniform length all around the head. If you look closely at the picture you will see a minimal design on the buzz cut. 

Spiky Pompadour with Side Parting

Tyler Durden with Messy Pompadour Haircut

In some scenes, Tyler Durden sports a slight side parting, which adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look. This can be achieved by combing the longer hair on top to one side and allowing it to fall naturally.

To create this style, simply get a small quantity of pomade on the hands and rub them together. Next, rub the hands back and forth through the hair to muss it up a bit. Allow the spikes that form to stand and lean where they will to achieve this look.


How To Get A Hairstyle Like Tyler Durden

How to Get A Haircut Like Tyler Durden in Fight Club

If you’re a fan of Brad Pitt’s iconic character Tyler Durden from “Fight Club” and are willing to channel his laid-back, rugged charm through your hairstyle, you’re in the right place. Below, is a step-by-step guide to achieving Tyler Durden’s iconic look on your own.


1. Understand the Hairstyle

Tyler Durden’s hairstyle is all about projecting a carefree, slightly rebellious vibe. It’s a short, messy look with longer hair on top and cropped sides.

This hairstyle looks best on those with thick, slightly wavy hair. As Leonardo Da Vinci famously said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This aptly applies to Durden’s effortless, yet stylish hairdo.


2. Gather Your Tools

Quality tools are a prerequisite for a quality haircut. Make sure you have a reliable set of hair clippers with multiple guard sizes for varying hair lengths.

A comb is needed for separating sections of your hair, while scissors will help in detailing and adding texture to your cut. Cleanliness is crucial – ensure your tools are cleaned and sterilized before you start to avoid skin irritations or infections.


3. Cut Your Hair

With clean, dry hair, you’re ready to start the cutting process. Trimming the sides is your first step. Use the clippers with a lower guard size (a 2 or 3 usually works well) and start at the bottom, moving the clippers upwards, stopping where your head starts to curve into the crown. This process creates the tightly trimmed sides characteristic of Durden’s look.

For the hair on top, switch to a higher clipper setting (around a 4 or 5) and trim the hair, leaving it slightly longer than the sides to create the necessary contrast for the style. Remember to leave the top a little uneven to emulate the intended messy look.

As Tyler Durden himself said, “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” This haircut can be a metaphorical expression of breaking free from conventions and embracing change.


4. Style Your Hair

Once the haircut is complete, it’s time to style. High-quality matte hair wax is your best ally for this task. Take a small amount of the wax, distribute it evenly across your palms, and then work it through your hair, mussing and texturing it to achieve that trademark Tyler Durden hairstyle.

Think of Marilyn Monroe’s timeless words, “Imperfection is beauty,” and don’t aim for perfect slickness but for charismatic imperfection.


5. Maintain Your New Hairstyle

After you’ve achieved the desired look, maintaining it is the final crucial step. This includes trimming your hair every 2-3 weeks to ensure the shape and length stay in line with the Tyler Durden look.

Use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy and clean, removing any product buildup which might weigh your hair down and compromise the style.

There you have it—a DIY guide to achieving Tyler Durden’s iconic hairstyle.

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