11 Exciting Butch Cut Variations to Copy in 2023

Men who want really short hair will appreciate the way that a butch cut looks on them. Rather than opting for the traditional cut; however, men who want something a little different than normal will want to consider one of these variations. They’re designed to take the traditional cut and turn it into something new.


Best Butch Haircuts for Men

These are the most popular butch cut styles that men are crazy over.

1. Tapered Crew Cut

butch cut with hard line

A hard line is a great way to take a regular butch haircut to the next level. This style is great for the man who wants a little more length on top than on the sides and is interested in a style that will show the clear difference between the two. It’s a little more daring than some cuts, but not the most unique.


2. Long Crew Cut

best butch cut hairstyles for men

Hair that is kept a little bit longer all over the head is really easy not only to trim and to get cut but also to wash and style. It doesn’t require any product, making it easy for the man with this butch variation to quickly get out of the door in the morning without worrying about his appearance.


3. Shake Up the Color

butch cut with colored hair

Adding bright color to any haircut is sure to get attention, especially when the cut is a little shorter and bolder, to begin with. Instead of opting for regular highlights or lowlights, adding a bright candy color is the best way to make the butch cut really pop and stand out. Keeping the beard a natural color is a wonderful way to add contrast and keep the style looking grown up.


4. Low Fade on  Black Hair

black guy with butch cut

Designs cut into the sides and top of this short butch haircut add some flair and a lot of fun to the look. Rather than allowing the hair to grow too long, keeping it shorter and full of designs makes it contrast beautifully with a longer and thicker beard. This evens out the look and makes it look very balanced and intentional.


5. Asian Buzz Cut

Asian guy with butch cut

Very short sides and longer hair on top allows the style to be slightly spiked, making it look much more interesting than if the hair is simply laid down flat. Using just a little product is the best way to get this butch hair look, as adding too much product to the style will simply cause the hair to get weighed down and look greasy.


6. Buzz Cut with Beard

Hair that is shorter and all one length doesn’t require any work in the morning before heading out the door, which is great for busier men. Keeping the beard and mustache at the same length as the rest of the hair keeps this look from appearing unkempt or too busy. It’s easy to cut and a fast butch cut option for men in a hurry.


7. Vary the Hair Design

Varying the hard part that is cut into the hair and then pairing the hair with a fresh face sans mustache or beard is an updated and chic look. Men who wear this butch hairstyle are sure to feel confident in their appearance. It places the focus on the face, which is great for men who feel sure about their looks and want to show them off.


8. Almost Gone

butch cut hairstyle for men

The best way to wash and go in the morning is to opt for a variation that is almost gone. This is as close to buzz cut as a man can get and is perfect for hot summer months. Men who wear this butch variation on the cut are usually confident, outdoorsy, and not afraid to get down and dirty, as they don’t have long hair holding them back.


9. Textured and Attractive

A shorter cut that is textured and features clear angles around the face looks great. Keeping the butched hair cut close to the head makes it easy to take care of this style without spending a lot of time on it. Additionally, this is a great option for any man living in a hot area who doesn’t want to have to deal with hot hair on his neck.


10. High & Tight Fade

Butch Cut with Fade

Shorter hair on the sides of the head along with longer hair on top allows men a little more variation when they choose this butch cut style. The hair on the top of the head may be styled with the product or left natural, but either way looks great thanks to the shorter hair on the sides, as well as the defined beard.


11. Sharp Angles Around the Face

guy with butch cut hairstyle

The best way to clearly define and outline the face is with sharp angles cut into the hair. Keeping the hair very short so that it lays perfectly in place and doesn’t require any product to look its best keeps this military style butch haircut fresh and clean. This is great for men who are willing to spend a bit more time on the upkeep of their hair.


All of these butch cut styles are designed to make men not only look great but also to give them a little self-confidence. For that reason, they’re a great choice for any man looking for a fresh new style.