Hideo Kojima Hairstyle

Hideo Kojima is a popular name for those who live in the virtual world. The metal gear mastermind is not just famous for his video games but also his bouncy, silky hair. To get this game designer’s sexy hairstyle, you need to have medium length straight hair. Curly hair texture may not go well with Hideo Kojima hairstyle.

To get this messy yet sexy Hideo Kojima hairstyle, you need to grow your hair to medium length. Trim your hair on the back side and sides. Razor cut the ends of your hair to create layers and texture. Wash the hair, towel dry, then style your hair. Take a small amount of hair wax.

Rub it onto your palm, then rub all your hair with it using your hands. Scrunch the hair to add volume. Now part your hair on one side (whichever suits you best) and style the front hair in the form of bangs into one side. Twist the tips using your fingers to create some pointing ends.

These layered bangs will cover your eyes and forehead and give you a trendy and sexy look. The top and front of your head look full with bouncy silky hair. Hideo Kojima hairstyle requires precision so make sure you take help from professional to get this hairstyle.

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