Kim Ji-Hoon Hairstyles

If you see the Kim Ji-Hoon hairstyle from the movie “Matchmaker’s lover” you may just fall in love with that look. His hair is clean and organized, and at the same time, there is something daring about it.

Photo of Kim Ji-Hoon hairstyle.
Kim Ji-Hoon-hairstyle.

Hair should be medium long and sideburns are mid-length for the best way to begin. Wash hair using volumizing shampoo. Towel dry hair and comb the top away from your left side. Now comb the sides in a downward motion. Be sure that your sideburns stop a little before the ear lobes, and they should gradually come to a point. Hair in the back needs to be a little long, but not long enough to touch the collar.

If you want a good Kim Ji-Hoon hairstyle it is best not to use wax, but instead a non scented hairspray. Apply the hairspray sparingly and just enough for holding power. Otherwise it may look “greasy”.

Photo of Kim Ji-Hoon textured hairstyle.
Kim Ji-Hoon textured hairstyle.

In the second image of him, as Won Kang Ha in “Wish Upon A Star”, he wears a medium-length hair with razored ends. The top of the hair is spiked in different directions to create a messy texture. To get the style, rub a small amount of gel with your hands, then pinching the hair using fingers and blow dry your hair from the front left to right.

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