5 Modern Samurai Hairstyles for Men to Get Inspired

Samurai is a Japanese warrior in 10th centuries. Although Samurai fighting was ended in around 1876, there are several cultures & styles from samurai that can be learned ’till now such as hairstyle, fashion, & business strategy.

men's samurai hair

Samurai hair usually is called chonmage hairstyle. It shaves hair from the top to the crown while keeping the other part of the head grow long & ties into a small ponytail at the top of the head. Chonmage hair is now worn by sumo wrestlers without shaving the top of the head.

Samurai hairstyle for menShown above is the character of Miyamoto Musashi, a samurai and the author of The Book of Five Rings (a well-known book on classic military strategy that is studied by numerous businessmen today).


Traditional Samurai Hairstyles for Men With Modern Vibe

Here are some awesome samurai hairstyles for men to get inspired by the modern

1. Looped and Banded Samurai Men’s Bun

modern samurai hairstyle for men
The structure of this coiffure creates a modern samurai hairstyle. Notice the way the ponytail loops in on itself, and the way it’s banded by a leather thong wrapped lengthwise. You want the hair tie to be visible like that. As you can see, the updated samurai style is more deconstructed.


2. Textured Top Knot Samurai

Top Knot samurai hairstyle for men

This is a top knot of the purest form, worn high on the crown of the head. The hair that remains before the fade is the interesting part, however. It adds texture and dimension to the cut, plus it gives you an alternate way to wear your hair when you take down your top knot.


3. Neat and Tidy

cool men samurai hairstyle with top knot

There’s no texture here. A clean shave leads up to the thatch of hair that creates the signature samurai bun. In many ways, the man bun is an updated take on this traditional fighting hairstyle. The structure isn’t so rigid—and, of course, you don’t have to be a samurai to rock the cut.


4. Barely Held Together

samurai hairstyle

Although this hardly resembles the classic samurai hairstyle, you can see its roots, the idea of it, in the structure of this coif. However, this version is loose, lax, and laid back. It’s a softer, more fashionable way to embrace samurai style. It’s also the perfect ‘do for any guy who isn’t eager to step out of the house with a man bun.


5. Tiny Knot

Tiny Knot samurai hairstyle

What you see here is proof that when there’s a will, there’s a way. You can create a top knot out of just a few inches of hair. The neatness of this little package is a nod to the spirit of the original samurai ‘do. Well done!

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  1. I think the style has a noble look to it, because samurai were men of honar. Not to mention average mens hair styles today are boring short hair with no style. Men should try having long hair for a change, it's more attractive…

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