How to Style Side Swept Undercut: 15 Stylish Ideas

Side swept is a hairstyle that comes under the category of the undercut. Side swept undercut is an unusual and interesting hairstyle that is certainly not for everyone. The beauty of the undercut with side swept hair lies in the short trimming of the sides and leaving hair on the top that is styled to the side. That particular styling to the sides is called a side swept.


Classic Side Undercut Hairstyles

If you are willing to try out some of these undercut with side-swept hair looks but lack inspirational hairstyles, here are some ideas that might help you out:

1. Combover Undercut

side swept undercut with tapered back

This is a modern and popular hipster hairstyle. It is present in the TV industry and many actors are wearing this exact look. The undercut to the sides is not very high, leaving more space for the top to dominate.

The hair is cut precisely, with subtle layering to the side. From one side part all over to the other, the top is side swept and high. There is no special styling technique as it is the ability to keep the hair pulled to the side.


2. Undercut with Beard

side swept hair with undercut

For those who want to bring personality and distinctiveness in their style, this look is the right choice to do so. The side-swept is trendy, elegant and fun and the sides are evenly brushed. Styling this side swept undercut hairstyle should not be hard if you have a big round brush and hair-dryer next to you.


3. Side Part Undercut

tapered side swept with undercut

The drop fade of this undercut hairstyle holds the beauty and elegance of it. Starting from a sharp side part, one side of the head is shortly faded. The line part does not go totally to the back of the head. From the moment it finishes, the hair at the back is pulled to the side.

The other side of the hair, the top, is side swept and defines with height and volume. The entire look can be styled with applying little hair product on the hands and combing your hair with your fingers.


4. Slick Back Undercut

side swept hair with undercut

Sleeked side hair is very modern and bold choice for a man who likes to do something cool with his medium long hair. The side undercut can be different for each person and depend on the shape of their head.

In most cases, the fade is balanced and that it the greatest option. The side part is accented, clean and the hair is sleeked to the back. The front is a bit higher so that it gives volume to the hairstyle. Keeping the slicked back hair in place is possible with the use of hair spray that will hold in the position you like.


5. Crown Taper Fade

side swept undercut

This undercut look allows the deep side swept hair to been hidden or exposed. From there, the hair is styled as swept to the side, opening and showing the facial crown. This is a look that present height, so the style it properly, use a blow-dryer just for the front side sweep.

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6. Elephant Trunk

The elephant trunk hairstyle is quite a new style and has become very popular. It is explained as a trunk-like strand of hair hanging in the front. The undercut adds to the movement of the hair that looks like it is finger-combed. This side swept undercut style can be best achieved with grown out hair. A bit of hair mousse or pomade will give the style better texture.


7. Side Quiff with Classic Crop

Quiff is a nice way to style the frontal hair and avoid wearing fringes. It is styled high and curvy, swept to the side. The rest of the hair is complementing the quiff with a classic crop. This look is possible among men who have strong hair.


8. Medium Undercut with Voluminous Hair

Another hair version of the popular quiff can be done with a bit longer hair. Namely, the side undercut is medium and the top is left a bit longer. The quiff starts deep on the one side, swept all the way to the other. To make it stand upright and become side swept it is necessary to have patience, good hair products and proper layering of the hair.

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9. Long Side Sweep

The undercut with long side swept hair is a great hairstyle for men who want to show contrast in their hairstyle. Divided by a deep sideline, one part of the head comes in a medium fade.

The hair that starts from the part line and falls over to the other side is super sleek, swept and long. It almost looks like it is covering a greater part of the head. The ends are sharp, layered and edgy.


10. Side Pompadour with Undercut

side swept pompadour with undercut

The side swept pompadour comes in a bit different version of the regular comb over pompadour. Depending on the shape of the face of those wearing it, the sides can be high or medium fade. The presence of two side parts is mandatory. The hair on the top is styled in a pompadour, with the front part swept to the side, high and voluminous.


11. Disconnected Undercut

This is a youngish and very charming hairstyle, mainly worn by guys with long hair. Instead of putting their entire top hair to the side, some parts are falling over the face, like fringes. Those are shorter and layered. Styling of this side undercut haircut requires the use of hair product that will fixate the larger part of the hair to the side.


12. Tapered Undercut

The side swept undercut does not always have to be super sleek and neat. It can be messy, too. Some of the most intriguing looks come from messy hairstyles. Here, the undercut is high, almost bald, with a blonde side part.

The long hair is layered to the sides. The longest strands are reaching the chin while the others come from all over. All of the hair is pulled over to the side, without direction. This is kind of a “bed look”.


13. Side Swept Layered Hair with Undercut

Having thicker hair can produce a totally different look than any other hair, even though it might be the same hairstyle. Men with thicker, straight hair can pull a deep side part. The line should go almost to the back of the head. The undercut is medium, and the rest of the hair is sharply layered and swept to the side. It ends in edgy ends that don’t go longer than the ears.

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14. Wavy Hair

side swept waves with undercut

The naturally wavy hair coming in combination of side swept hair with an undercut gives a fabulous look that reminds a lot of how some celebrities wear it. The hair is layered a bit, the sides are shortly shaved, leaving a lot of space for the waves to come to the side and look windswept.

To avoid the waves cover your forehead, style some of the hair upwards, and then let it flow in the direction with the other waves.


15. Textured Short Undercut

side swept fringe with undercut

Achieving depth, dimension, texture, and volume all in one cut can be a pretty challenging work to do. In this men’s side undercut hairstyle, all of the above mentioned is done exactly as it should. The depth comes from the deep but thin side parts.

The dimension is seen in the equal distribution of the hair to the sides and on the top. The texture comes from the layering and sharp ends. The angular fringed is what gives volume seen from the front.


Side swept undercut is a hairstyle that works for all hair types and different face shapes. The trendiness of the side swept undercut is big and the result is the fabulous hairstyles.