Men’s Shag Haircuts (Shaggy Hairstyles)

If you’re like most men, your hair is something you aren’t completely sure you know what to with and you hope to keep for a very long time. It never really occurred to you that a new hairstyle could be a fashion statement or a way to express yourself like a new outfit or a really cool pair of shoes. Well, it is and there have never been more hairstyle choices for men of every age and personality. And, for the hippest of you, there’s the latest trend – shaggy hairstyles.

Shag haircut from Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher with his shaggy hairstyle

These strategically-unkempt cuts will give you that carefree look you like without the hassle of a more high-maintenance ‘do. You’ll want to start with a great cut by a skilled stylist. Don’t get scared off if they come at you wielding a straight razor, they may use this great tool to give you a less exact cut to add to the look. There will also be considerable hair on the floor beneath you (especially if you have longer hair). This is because of the layers your stylist will need to cut into your hair to help give you a shaggy look. They may also use thinning shears on your hair if it’s thick to give some added dimension to your style.

Once you’ve got that uber-cool shag haircut, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind such as:

  • Products – Check with your stylist on which products work best for your new hairstyle. They’ll have suggestions for you. Use them. They’ll make your hair do what it should
  • Maintenance – You’ll want to go back every 6-8 weeks to have this look maintained by your stylist or it may go from hip to hokey.
  • Age-appropriateness – You may need to adjust your shaggy style based on your age. If you’re a bit older, you can modify the look to keep it both modern and age appropriate.

Never think you’re “stuck” with your current look and never feel as though you can’t talk to your stylist when you want to change. If they aren’t listening, you may want to switch stylists and find one more open to your desire for change. Your hair says more about you and your lifestyle than you think and a hair “makeover” can be just the thing if you feel you’re in a rut. Once you’ve achieved your perfect shag hairstyle, you’ll be surprised at the reactions from friends and family as they take note of this flattering look.


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 How to Cut A Shag Haircut

Casual shaggy hairstyle

Mario Lopez Casual shag haircut

One of the hottest hairstyles today is a sort of sassy, mussed look that contains a lot of layers and texture. This texture is put in by the way the hair is cut in layers, with successive layers getting shorter as they approach the crown of the head. This hairstyle is known as a shag haircut. Here, we will take a look at how to cut a shag.

First, a shag can be cut with any length of hair; short, medium, or long. Different lengths work with different shapes of faces and features. A stylist can recommend the best length of one’s features. Cutting the shag can be a time-consuming process. The hair near the crown of the head is cut relatively short. The rest of the hair is cut in layers around the crown that increase in length as we move away from the crown.

Some of the shorter hair at the top may stand up, which is partly what makes this style so sassy. Bangs can be left in or cut out, depending on the desires of the individual. With longer shag haircuts, bangs can be feathered back with a pair of scissors to make them easier to keep out of the face.

Many stylists will cut the hair to almost the length that is desired in each layer. Then, they will razor cut the ends. This method adds texture and lift to the haircut and makes it look thicker than it really is.

There are some who say that a person can cut their own hair in a shag. The instructions are pretty simple and straightforward, but one would be well advised to have a trip to the stylist scheduled in and another hairstyle in mind should something go amiss.

To cut one’s hair in a shag, he must have it grown out pretty long. Then, he must turn the head upside down so that all the hair hangs toward the floor. Pulling the hair together into a ponytail, right at the top of the head, cut the hair in a straight line across with a pair of scissors. Brush the hair back down as normal and there is the shag.


How To Style Shag Hairstyle

Several current stars and celebrities are now sporting styles that are best described as shaggy. Contrary to what you might think. Learning how to style shag hairstyle is not accidental. The look has appeal and is obtained by managing your hair. The technical description of the style is a long layer look obtained by using a razor to give your hair a deconstructed appearance. Here are some tips that will help you achieve that shag look.

Men's Hairstyles from Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes shag hairstyle

It’s important to begin with a quality haircut. The style may look shaggy, but it should never look unkempt. Hair will fall into place correctly when the cut is done by a professional who knows how to achieve the right look.

Your hair should always be clean in order to get the best results. Even though you will be adding a styling product to increase fullness and depth, starting with clean hair is vita. Use quality hair care products that are a match for your type of hair so that it is not stripped of oil. Conversely, hair should not be layered with a heavy greasy product. Follow good shampoo with a good conditioner for best results.

A styling gel should be applied while hair is still damp. Use a small amount of gel rubbed between your hands then distributed throughout the hair. You should lift and shape the hair with your fingers as you work the styling product from the scalp outward.

Continue to lift and fluff the hair until it is dry. You can shake your head vigorously to add interest to the style. You should not get too technical about arranging the hair. When you learn how to style shaggy hair you will find that it is a style that is very easy to maintain. A good cut, regular shampoos and minimal handling and smoothing will give you the look you want.


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