How to Straighten Hair Without Losing Volume

Hair straightening is not too common among men. Most guys also shy away from straightening their hair because it tends to lead to flat, limp hair. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks that you can use to keep that volume while getting sleek, straight hair.


You can start with dry or wet hair. When working with wet hair, blow dry your hair so that only 15% of moisture is left. Add a heat protectant product by running it through your hair. When working with dry hair, apply heat protectant spray or gel onto dry hair by spreading it evenly using your hands. Around this time, you can plug in the hair dryer and set it on the lowest setting so it is warm by the time you need to use it.

Next, prep the hair by using a pea-sized amount of volumizing mousse or gel. Rub between the hands to activate the product and then apply on to the hair, making sure that you apply the product near the roots and little to none at the tips. This will help give the hair a boost of volume from the roots.


Once the hair is prepped, you can start ironing your hair. The iron should not be smoking hot or else it can damage your hair. Use a large-toothed comb to separate the hair into sections and iron each section, starting with the hair from the middle going through each section along the sides. To keep the volume, keep your sections about 1/4 of an inch thick.

Once each section is done, turn your hair upside down and give it cool blast of hair using your blow dryer. Direct the blow dryer nozzle along the roots to keep the volume in that area. The cool air will also seal off the hair strands so that your straight hairstyle will stay in place for longer. Comb your straight, volume-rich hair in place and you are good to go.

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