How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair: Top 18 Ways to Tame Bushy Hair

Everyone has his or her bad hair day. More often than not, bad-hair days occur as a result of frizzy hair for men due to excessive humidity.

It’s the time of the week where you don’t want to go out and do much because you simply don’t like how your hair–and yourself– look in front of the mirror. The good news is that there are varieties of ways on how to get rid of frizzy hair.


How To Prevent Frizzy Hair After Shower

We have to admit that we’ve all had at least a few bad-hair days in our lives. One of the common reasons for your issues, though, is the hair starts to frizz. That’s where we come into play.

We’ve come up with a list of tips on how to prevent men’s hair from getting all frizzy after a shower! So, keep reading to find out!

Use Hair Gel

use hair gel to prevent hair getting frizzy

Immediately after you step out of the shower, apply some hair gel or cream to your hair that’s designed to control frizz for guys! Be careful not to over-apply or under-apply, as these scenarios will have your hair looking either greasy or frizzy, respectively.


Don’t Overheat Your Hair with Dryer

avoid dryer to prevent frizzy hair

Men’s Frizzy hair can be a result of too much heat. Therefore, if you use a hot air dryer after a shower to dry your hair, you should stop immediately. Either control the temperature on the dryer so that it’s not hot or let your hair air-dry on their own.


Avoid Using Too Much Shampoo

how to prevent frizzy hair after shower

If you have frizzy hair, you might be showering too much. Shampoos contain chemicals that strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. When you shampoo frequently, these oils are lost more frequently. As a result, your hair will be exposed to the air around you and it will become frizzy after a shower.


Go Natural

men's natural hair

Avoid bleaching your hair or using other chemicals on your hair that can damage them. Damaged hair frizzes up easily.


Avoid Rubbing Your Hair with Towel

avoid rubbing hair after shower

Don’t rub your hair with a towel after a shower. This is a very common act done by men. However, rubbing your hair with your towel creates friction, which can damage men’s hair and make it frizzy.


Apply Protein Mask

protein mask to prevent frizzy hair

Treat your hair every now and then! Make protein masks or other masks that moisturize your hair and apply them once a week. These simple tasks can be made at home using egg, honey, and Just mix one egg white with some yogurt and a teaspoon of mayonnaise.

Apply this mixture to your hair and leave it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. After that, wash your hair normally.


Trim The Split Ends

trim split ends to get rid of frizzy hair

Get a haircut every 1-2 months. Split ends can make sure hair look frizzy for guys and they can even damage the rest of your hair. Therefore, you should get your hair trimmed often so that you can chop the ends off before they even develop split ends.


How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair

Indeed, there are times when your curly hair starts to become frizzy or rigid. Thus, even without manipulation, your hair begins to stand up and, well, you can lose complete control. But you can do the following to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you:

  • Avoid shampooing all the time. Don’t forget the basic rule when it comes to using shampoos: use them just every other day. Regardless of what shampoo you’re using, it has a tendency to make your curly hair look and feel dry. Rather, make use of conditioner to maintain the softness and nourishment of your hair.
  • The best conditioner to use is the moisturizing conditioner. Don’t be afraid to spend more on it. You’ll better spend every single penny for it than walk out the door looking like you’ve never taken good care of your hair.
  • Carry a leave-in conditioner. This is a type of conditioner that doesn’t require any washing. You can apply it anytime you want to. Hence, it’s one of the perfect products to bring along inside your little kit. When your hair starts to feel dry, you can directly apply it, and before you know it, your curly hair starts to become more manageable.
  • Opt for a hot oil treatment. If the conditioners don’t do much with your frizzy curly hair, you better head out to a salon and choose to use their hot oil services. This is how you can bring back the natural oils your hair has lost because of constant exposure to various elements and pollutants in the environment.
  • Stay away from heat-producing products and chemicals. Heat-producing products like straighteners or tongs can remove the oils, thus, makes your hair dry out and frizz. On the other hand, chemicals can only worsen the condition.
  • Trim your hair regularly. Have an appointment with a stylist at least once a month, so he or she can trim your curly hair. Shorter hairs tend to frizzle less than the longer ones. Your stylist can also get rid of split ends and provide you with more tips on how you can control your hairstyle.


You can also take the following measures to get rid of frizzy hair.

Pamper Your Hair with a Weekly Mask

get rid of men's Frizzy Hair

Hair that’s given to frizz needs to be weighted down but not smothered. Figuring out how to get rid of frizzy hair is a delicate balance in that way. Applying a hair mask every week can give your curly, kinky, or coily hair the hydration it needs to behave.

Try an oil-based max, even one that you make yourself. Talk to your wife, girlfriend, or gal pals. They’ll hook you up with a fab product.


Air Dry before You Blow Dry

Frizzy Hair

Heat styling tools are frizz-causing culprits, especially in winter. Instead of going straight for your blow dryer, give your hair time to air dry. You shouldn’t even scrub it dry with a towel because that back and forth motion creates more static electricity and static electricity results in fuzzy frizz for guys.


Brush, Brush, Brush

natural Frizzy Haircut for men

Brushing, rather than combing your hair, is a foolproof way to fight frizz. Regularly running a brush through your hair distributes the natural oils. Again, that keeps your hair moisturized, hydrated, and heavy enough to keep the frizz away.


Brush Some More

Frizzy Hair style for young boy

It’s not enough to know how to get rid of frizzy hair. Prevent it before it occurs. Brushing helps, but not just regular brushing. Switch over to a boar bristle brush. Next, invest in a natural oil that’s safe for your hair, such as coconut oil, or an oil-based hair product, and brush it through your hair.


Carry Hand Lotion

long Frizzy Hairstyle your favorite

On those days when frizz gets the best of you no matter what you do, a little lotion goes a long way. If you notice your hair getting too poofy, rub a little lotion on your hands, then brush your fingers lightly through your hair.


How to Make Your Hair Not Frizzy

Frizzy Hairstyle for men

Frizzy hair is a problem that affects men just as often, if not more so, than women. This is because both curly hair and fine hair are prone to frizz, especially in cases of extreme humidity. The reasons usually tend to be extremely dry or damaged hair.

  • Eliminating men’s frizzy hair is basically a simple process. In general, it can be handled quite easily in the shower or when the hair is washed. Over-washing can cause the hair to dry out and become brittle or frizzy. However, use of a conditioner each time the hair is washed will help to replace most of the moisture that is stripped away by shampoo.
  • In addition to the regular conditioner that is applied and then rinsed away, it is recommended that those prone to frizzy hair invest in a mild leave in conditioner. This will continue to moisturize the hair as well as helping to prevent damage from combing or brushing.
  • Avoiding blow drying is a good idea if one is prone to frizzy hair. The heat from the dryer tends to dry the hair and increase the damage to hair that leads to frizz for guys. Instead, it is recommended that one allows the hair to air dry.
  • Use of pomade or other styling products will help to control the amount of frizz while styling the hair. These products are designed to provide moisture while helping to hold the hair in place according to the chosen style. This also cuts down on the need to use a comb or brush to restyle the hair, thus cutting down on the chance of the hair being damaged.

There are several home remedies for frizzy hair as well, but most of these are things that most men would refuse to use on their hair. Fortunately, most conditioners and some styling products contain the needed ingredients to control frizzy hair for men.


How To Control Men’s Frizzy Curly Hair

Men are as prone to having curly hair as women. Men are also as vain about their appearance, if not more so than any woman. Weather and humidity combine at times to create frizz in curly hair. This is why it is good for those whose hair curls naturally to know how to control men’s frizzy curly hair.

The first step is to avoid using a blow dryer whenever possible. If it becomes necessary to blow dry hair, doing so on the coolest setting will help to minimize frizz. The hotter settings can damage the hair and make frizziness worse.

Another thing that can help is to stop shampooing on a daily basis. We have all been taught that washing the hair every day is essential to keeping it healthy. This is, however, far from the truth. Curly hair is normally more oily than straight hair. This natural oil helps by adding weight and moisture to the hair, which reduces the chance of frizz developing. Shampoo strips the oil out of the hair and dries it out.

Ideally, the hair should be washed no more than once weekly. Conditioner, on the other hand, should be used daily. This is because most conditioners help replenish moisture. A good leave-in conditioner applied each morning will virtually prevent frizz from developing. One should use a deep conditioner once a week, preferably the same day as the hair is shampooed.


Products That Can Help Frizzy Hair

Certain hair products can help reduce frizz as well. In most cases, as the product dries, the occurrence of frizz increases, especially when the humidity is high. Reapplication of the product periodically throughout the day can help control the occurrence of frizz.

No products found.


In addition to this, there are certain creams that are designed to control frizzy hair. These creams should be applied to the hair before it is ever brushed or combed. This will help to distribute the cream throughout the hair and increase the chance that each shaft will be coated.

Heat and humidity combine to cause curly hair to become frizzy and unmanageable. This is as big a problem for men as it is for women. Knowing how to control men’s frizzy curly hair is an important part of the daily grooming for those who are prone to such a problem. Avoiding the use of a blow dryer, limiting the frequency of shampooing, and the use of products designed to help reduce frizz are all methods of achieving this control.


Try the tips above for frizz-free hair for men and let us know which tip worked the best for you!

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