Which Side is Better to Part Your Hair: Left or Right?

If you are looking for a classic and timeless hairstyle, the side part offers the best choice. Side part hairstyle offers a clean, elegant and professional look that can be pulled off by anyone from celebrities to businessmen and college goers.

Side part has two variations, the classic side part that features a clean and conservative haircut with slight exposure of your scalp. The modern version is wild and less pronounced, resulting in loose, flowing textured hair.

However, the question that concerns most men is, which side is better to part your hair: right or left? The side you choose for your side hairstyle depends upon several factors like your cowlick, facial features etc.



The cowlick is the outward spiral of hair on the top of your head. It indicates the direction of your hair growth. So, if your cowlick moves clockwise, the part should be on the left and vice versa.

The position of cowlick is also important. Normally the hair is better to be parted on the same side of the cowlick position. If you have a cowlick on the right of your head, usually your part is going to be on the right. And vice versa.


Facial Features

In some people, facial features are not perfectly symmetrical. Find out the side of your face where the nose, eyes or cheeks appear smaller. Now, part your hair on the same side to give the illusion of symmetry. The key is to observe closely your hair growth and facial features to determine which side is the right one for you.


Let Nature Decide it

Well, if the above factors are not giving any concrete answer, let nature decide it for you. Most men typically have one ‘natural’ part they were born with. To find out, wet your hair and comb it forward from the crown. Wait for few seconds and observe which side of your hair separates the most. Viola! You found the answer for your side part hairstyle.

Whether you want a traditional finish, or looking for something stylish and modern, there is something for everyone. Once you have decided the right side for your side part hairstyle, create a parting on one side of your hair using a fine-toothed comb. Neaten the parting by applying a small amount of wax on your hair. You can also use hairspray to give some extra hold.

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