7 of The Best Mid Taper Fades for 2024

If you’re a guy and you’re not rocking a fade haircut right now, you should be! There are three types of fades: low, medium, and high. These refer to how high or low the hair is cut on the side of a man’s head. While they can be used interchangeably, your stylist will usually have an opinion on which one will look best on you. 

If you appreciate a professional, suave-looking hairstyle and want to be in on the latest haircut you should be rocking, you need to see these 7 mid taper fade haircuts!

1. Mid Taper Fade + Short Comb Over

Mid Taper Faded Comb Over 

This mid taper fade will stop below your temples and above your ears, which will help in bringing definition to whatever shape head you have.


2. Medium Taper Fade for Black Hair

Medium Taper Fade for Black Guys 

If you have black afro hair, you’ll appreciate the way a medium taper fade works with your hair texture to provide a gradual tapering that’s more dapper and professional.


Consider these popular fade haircuts too:


3. Mid Curly Taper Fade

Mid Curly Taper Fade for Men

If you have curly hair, consider a mid curly taper fade that won’t take too much attention away from your awesome curly hair.  You can also try low curly fade.


4. Mid Tapered Bald Fade

Mid Tapered Bald Fade


5. 360 Waves with Taper Fade

360 Waves with Mid Taper Fade  


6. Medium Low Taper Fade

Medium Low Taper Fade  


7. Mid Taper Fade with Beard

Mid Taper Fade with Beard Guy