15 Short Haircuts for Teen Boys to Get A Dapper Dude Look

With so many trendy short hairstyles, It becomes hard for the teenage boys to choose the perfect one. We have compiled a list of 15 awesome short haircuts for teen boys. If you are confused about short length hair, here are also some medium and long hairstyle ideas for teen boys to get inspired.


Popular Short Hairstyles for Teen Boys

1. Faux Hawk

short fauxhawk for teen boys

Although in fashion for some time now, this style is still a Hollywood favorite.  Short around the sides and the back, this style gets longer as you move towards the middle of the head.

The short hairstyle works best for teenagers having a long face and a strong chin. Plus one should have loads of gel to have it in place. So all the expressive teens out there, Faux Hawk is what you need to hit the roads in style!

How to style: Stand up all the hair in the middle using a styling product. Follow by pushing the mass to the middle to get that short faux hawk “crest.”  Once achieved modify it the way you like!


2. Messy Bangs

short messy fringe hair for teen boys

For all and well, most of the carefree teens out there, Messy is the new black! A slight upgrade on the straight fringe, this short hairstyle for teen boys give an aura of cool and carefree attitude and goes along pretty well with the boys.

It’s an all face haircut, so everyone is welcomed to try out the long fringe that goes below the brows to enjoy a casual experience.

How to style: Some wax to start off to define those bangs and then shuffle through them to get the messy look. Not much effort is required when it comes to second-day hair!


3. Short Side Long Top

short haircuts for teen boys

If you happen to have thick hair, this teen boy’s short hairstyle is definitely for you. Great to wade off the summer heat, it makes a bold style statement. Great to go with a square or round faces, the haircut tends to add height to your hair.

How to style it: Blow-dry your hair to add volume to it and apply the product to wet the hair. Once upright, style the strands according to your preference.


4. Quiff

teen boys with short quiff haircuts

Opting to hit the summers in a classic swag, Quiff is what you need. This short haircut for teen boys has been in the mags for some time and is essential for the ones seeking to attract crowds. Plus the style can be varied along the lengths to get a bolder look with more length and a classic subtle look with a short one.

How to style it: While this needs some expertise to put together, you can try by combing the longer hair in the middle towards the back and styling them with a product. Otherwise, an expert can always help you pull off a great quaff!


5. Short Pomp Undercut

short undercut for teen boys

Again with the middle having more length, the sides and the back remain short in this style too. There are plenty of ways to style this type, but the popular is the one having them slicked back with a comb.

Although recommended with short straight hair, the style gives a sprightly look with the waves too. A lot of mousses is required to maintain it.

How to style it: With the sides buzzed and the length on the top, the bangs need to be long in order to slick them back with gel or mousse.


6. Crew Cut

Another one on the list for short hairstyles for teen boys is the classic crew cut. Defining the athletic and active boys the cut is an army favorite. The style defines the face and can be modified in a number of ways.

How to get it: With the hair longest in the front, the length reduces as we go back. High buzzing is done on the sides, and it is a DIY if you want.


7. Rockabilly Pompadour

Having its roots from the time of Elvis, this short hipster haircut for teenager boys is back with a bang. One can manage to look dapper and cool with this look on and it is recommended for those having long hair to play with. Unlike the previous styles, the top middle length is slicked but fluffed to get that dapper look.  However, as cool as it is, it requires high maintenance and loads of gel.

How to style it: You’ll want your hair short on the sides and back. The top should have a good length. Take some pomade and slick your hair back.

To get the pomp, place your free hand (the one that isn’t holding your comb) on the top of your slicked-back hair. Push this hand forward, and at the same time, comb the hair at the front upward. Fix it with a little hairspray if needed. This method will take some trial and error to get the best pomp possible.


8. Fade and Combed Back

All the teens with fine, shiny blacks, this hairstyle is for you! Style it with medium hold products and hit the streets in style.

Similar to tousle this style is a favorite among teen boys when it comes to short hairstyles. Although it requires a little extra effort, the results are worth it.

How to style it: Blow-dry the hair after applying mousse to them and comb them back. To add volume, try using dry shampoo on the roots.


9. Spiky Hairstyle

Our favorite on the list is this cool yet trendy short haircut for teen boys that is so popular among the teens. With the added windblown effect the style is casual to pull off.

Mousse works best in case of this style and overall, the style takes little to no maintenance. The style works best with short foreheads, strong jawlines, and strong cheekbones.

How to style it: Have the hair cut relatively short and style up to the spikes with mousse and you are good to go.


10. Blond Curly Mohawk

teen guys with short blonde mohawk

For the teens looking to try something new and unusual, Mohawk is a great option. Speaking out adventure and fun, the style is named after Native American warriors. This short teen boy hairstyle was said to inspire fear in their enemies.

How to style it: In order to enjoy this wild look, most of the sides and the top need to be shaved with only a middle strip of hair remaining. Style it according to your preference with the help of mousse.


11. Caesar Cut

Going back into history, the Caesar cut has been around for quite some time now. Going well with short hair, this teen boy hairstyle is another choice on the list. As it requires minimum maintenance, it’s ideal for boys up and on the go.

How to style it: This well-known style needs little product application to set as the style is cut in a way to give off the natural look.


12. Modern Cowlick

When it comes to stiff hair, much effort is required to style off the hair. However, the modern cowlick has got your back in this regard. Tame the most unruly hair with this style.  

How to style it: A slight undercut on the sides is needed with the hold paste to hold the fringes in place. Add texture to your hair by applying the product upon towel drying.


13. Ivy League Cut

Another classic on the list, this short haircuts for teen boys never gets old. Dapper teens are in for this style especially those bearing some sharp jawline and features.

How to style it: Although looking quite simple and neat, the hairstyle requires some hefty effort to pull out. With the sides and back being shorter, the left side should be slightly longer to make the part stay. 


14. Wavy Shag

short shag hair for teen boys

Why only straight when you can also have wavy! Promoted by Harry Styles, this short hairstyle is a trendy one to give off a casual, carefree look. Recommended for teenager boys having thick hair it goes well with every face cut.

How to style it: Since it’s wavy, the layers need to be cut long in this case. Plus depending on how unruly your hair is, you will require some mousse and gel to set the hair.


15. Slicked Back Undercut

short haircuts for teen boys

The trendiest one in the town is the slicked back, popular among many celebrities.  The style does not require high maintenance, a little mousse and you are good to go. Teen boys with short hair will definitely want to give this a try. As a flat iron can do the job but at the same time, a little wave in the hair won’t hurt too.

How to style it: The length of the style increases as you move away from the crown. Simply apply the mousse after a shower and use a fine-toothed comb to direct your hair towards the back.


Teens can experiment and change their look as they please. There are so many short hairstyles for teen boys out there. Each style allows teens to express themselves in a different way. So, what are you waiting for? Try some of the stunning styles lifted above to achieve your look today!