The Best Fade Haircuts for Men With Line

With so many different fade haircuts for men out there it can be difficult to not only tell them apart but figure out which one is right for you. Luckily, they’re a one size fits all hairstyle. The fade haircut with line detail.

A haircut you can work with whatever hairstyle you already have – mohawk, crop, slicked-back, etc. – combined with side fades with small or wide shaved in straight or curved lines for a precise, handsome look.


Fade Haircuts With Line

These are the 15 best fades with line detail you need to put on your radar!

1. Low Fade With Line for Long Hair

This low fade stops about an inch away from the ear and is defined by a shaved line curved toward the neck while the top hair is full of wavy texture.


2. Comb Over Fade + Line

A comb over is split between one side being neat and smooth while the other side is shaved and given a detailed shaved design.


3. Bald Fade + Line Haircut

A bald fade haircut with line stops two inches away from the ear and shaves a straight line into the hair for symmetry.


Consider The Below Haircuts too:


4. Line Haircut + Skin Fade


5. Taper Fade And Hard Line

Taper Fade and Hard Line



6.  Short Faded Line Haircut


7. Black Boy’s Fade With Line

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