11 of The Trendiest Baseball Player Haircuts to Try

Its extremely common look up towards sportsmen for inspiration with how they style their hair. Baseball haircuts are a popular choice among men these days. Mostly because these players are always sporting stylish and manageable hairstyles.

These hairstyles are perfect for day-to-day life as well. Baseball players have been a constant beacon of inspiration to boys and men of all ages. Their style is looked up to and wanted by many.


Latest Hairstyles for Baseball Players

These baseball player’s hairstyles will surely inspire you. Have a thorough look at these amazing haircuts and get one for you.

1. Mexican Mullet

baseball haircuts for men

Mohawk undercut hairstyles have always been in style. There is either the classic Mohawk or mullet hairstyles that are inspired by it. In this pictorial representation, you can see that it is something in between.

Instead of having the same lengths throughout the Mohawk, the front and back are longer. Instead of having clean sides, the sides are tapered. This baseball haircut is stylish and quite manageable.


2. Hard Part Comb Over

baseball player with combover hairstyle

This hairstyle of baseball players is definitely something that will take a little more time. Because the style requires you to push your hair back and then have it bunches back to stay put. To achieve this, you will have to apply the product and set your hair daily. But on the other hand, this haircut is totally worth it. 


3. Short Baseball Haircut

baseball player short haircut

This ombre short hair has been seen a lot lately. Simple because of how practical this hair cut is! You don’t need to maintain it. At the same time, it looks perfect for any occasion. The short hair goes perfectly with the faded sides. The blonde hair color just on the tips completes the whole look. 


4. Short Mohawk Fade

best baseball haircuts for men

This baseball hairstyle can be done on any and all type of hair texture. You can have straight, wavy or even curly hair and this hairstyle would still look perfect.

Here, you can see the hair at the crown has been swept upwards. And, the tips of the hair are point cut. The sides are faded in order to draw more attention to the center. Practical, manageable and in trend.


5. Caesar Cut

baseball player with wavy mohawk style

This is the right pick for you if you have naturally wavy hair.  Getting this done would mean that you won’t have to take the trouble to style this baseball player’s haircut. Since your hair is waved naturally, you will get a texture that will help make it look like your hair has more volume. You could wear this hairstyle for formal and informal social situations as well.


6. Curly Top with Tapered Undercut

This haircut is one of the most mainstream baseball flow haircuts. You will require growing your hair to a certain length and then cutting it like this. Again, this haircut isn’t limited to a specific texture of hair. Anyone can sport it as long as you wash and dry your hair. This hairstyle is definitely the safest kind of bet.


7. Messy Quiff 

Don’t confuse spikes with a quiff. They might be similar haircuts but they aren’t the same. Here the hair is pushed together and then made to stand straight. The significant element to a quiff is faded sides, which spikes haircuts don’t usually have.


8. Slick Back Hair

baseball undercut hairstyle

If you intend to keep your hair long and still want it to be manageable, this baseball hairstyle for men is perfect. You can keep your hair length towards the crown area and then fade the sides. In order to keep the long hair away, you can tie it in a sleek pony. This way it’s more functional and also sexier.


9. Spiky Fohawk

This is a more toned downed version than the quiff. But, this hairstyle for baseball players looks equally sexy and it is also easy to maintain.


10.  Short Platinum Blonde Hair

short blonde hairstyle for baseball players

This is another baseball haircut that has been sported a lot. If you are afraid of doing something too different, this haircut is ideal for you. It is practical, versatile and stylish.


11. Detailed Sides

baseball haircut with design

Here, you can see that instead of having taper fades, the sides have detailed designs on them. This is something you can do if you feel a little bit extra than usual. This baseball player’s haircut is a great out of the box blue colored haircut.


All the haircuts represented above are manageable and practical. We want to inspire you to be stylish whilst not having to put too much effort into styling your hair every morning. These baseball haircuts for guys are exactly that.

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