How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Virtually all people are fascinated with hair. That’s why anything that concerns it always piques their interest. For example, how fast does hair grow?

In general, a human hair can grow as much as half an inch every month. This means that in a year, you can expect the hair to grow at least 6 inches.

However, there are plenty of factors that can actually affect hair growth. One of these is age. As you grow old, the development of your hair tends to slow down, and the average monthly length will be divided into half. Thus, the hair growth is around 0.25 centimeters.

You also have to take into consideration your genetic disposition. If you noticed your mom or dad with very thick hair there’s a huge chance that their strands grow fast, and you may also acquire the same trait. In the same way, if any of your family members suffers from baldness, you may also experience a lot of hair loss.

It’s a common notion that different types of hair grow at various lengths. Others may find their lashes or eyebrows growing way faster than head hair. They may also believe their fringes develop quicker than the hairs on the nape. The truth is hair strands usually grow together. You may have such perceptions because fringes and lashes are the common hairs you see and thus easily notice.

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