How to Rock With A Punk Hairstyle – A Quick Quide with Top 10 Styles

2. Mohawk or Mohican

punk mohawk hairstyle for men

This punk style has Indian roots and numerous variations—all eye-catching in their own ways. This men’s punk hairstyle is based on the contrast between shorter sides and a long-ish central strip. There are Fanned mohawks, fauxhawks, shark fins, lazy hawks and so many more. Sometimes a touch of color makes it even more striking.


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  • ok first off to be punk u need a friking razor cut shot and random spiked blue evrywhere like johnny rotten do ur homework and show older billy arm haircuts they were true punk

    • f*cking idi*t! to be a punk? punk isn’t fashion motherf*cker! it’s the attitude, passion and music! billy joe isn’t punk. he is NOT! he sold out last few albums. now before you reply, just know, i won’t reply. so don’t waist your time.

  • Lol.. Everyone is dissing Billy Joe while Jade Puget is RIGHT THERE! Jeez! Neither of them are particularly "punk". Yeahhh… That's not biast at all! -.-

  • Green Day is punk. Yeah, they may not be the clash or the sex pistols, but they stuck to there true punk essentails and stand up for what they belive in. They don't care what other poeple think, and that's true punk. Bitches.

  • WTF! none of these are punk hairstyles or punks for that matter. Im gunna say it once GOOD CHARLET IS NOT PUNK!!!!! Conformity is just the masses trying to herd you all into buying whats new……enjoi!

  • I don't quite understand how anybody can claim that Bille Joe Armstrong or anyone is less punk than anyone else. Surely be saying "ok first off to be punk u need a friking razor cut shot and random spiked blue evrywhere…", you're giving people a criteria to meet to be punk, to become labeled as a punk. There's nothing punk about that man…just be yourself do what you want, that's a punk ethic.

  • giving some one a criteria of being a punk isnt punk. youre just judging on what YOU think is punk. people like billie joe's hair cut, others may dislike it. its their preference, not yours. so STFU and stop criticizing people's hair. chances are yours aint so pretty if your lookin on here. i know mine isnt 😛

  • Its just hair! Why argue over it? To be "punk" is to do your own thing, whatever it may be. Some "punk" people choose to go certain routes with their hairstyles that others have. SO WHAT?! WHO GIVES A DAMN! Jeeze…Cut your hair the way that YOU want to and don't worry about anyone else…

  • personally i believe that bein a punk is wakin up lookin in the mirror (put clothes on) and walkin out the door no one will care what you looked like yesterday

  • U can’t classify a punk. Someone could look like a major “prep” and be extremely punk. Only if you know the person VERY good and u hangout with them 24/7 and know how they will act around EVERYBODY can u then call them punk

  • I agree with Mason. The lead singer of The Adicts (monkey) once said, punk is an attitude and lifestyle, “you either have it or you don’t.” It’s mainly about being yourself and enjoying every minute of it regardless of what others think.
    Getting back to the hair topic though, I’d like to see some bigger and better hairstyles on here like, Wattie (The Exploited), Collin A. (Charged GBH), Jorge (Casualties), and Doyle Von Frankenstein just to name a few.

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