Benji Madden Liberty Spikes Hairstyle & How To Get It

Benji Madden is one of the twin brothers who founded the band, Good Charlotte. He plays guitar and sings the backup vocals. The band performs punk rock and ska. Here, we are going to take a look at Benji Madden Liberty spikes hairstyle & how to get it.

Photo of Benji Madden Liberty spikes hairstyle.
Benji Madden Liberty spikes hairstyle.

Benji wears his hair in a spike style that stands out from the head at all angles from all over. Each spike is thick at the bottom next to the scalp and comes to a sharp point at the tip, much like the spikes on the Stature of Liberty. This style is not for everyone. However, for those who wish to try it, the steps to producing this look are fairly simple.

The first thing one will want to do is grow his hair out to a length of five or six inches. A good way to gauge is if the hair in front is long enough to cover the eyes. The back and sides should be a little bit longer if possible. This is an important first step because the products used and the styling technique may damage the hair and prevent it from growing very quickly once one begins to wear this style.

It is important to choose a very strong product to hold the spikes in place. Hair gel is a good choice, but most products will not be strong enough to hold the hair in place for a significant length of time. Alternative products that many people use include unflavored gelatin and clear glue. Some men even use egg whites because they become very stiff as they dry.

Using hair clips or ponytail holders, one should section the hair into the number of spikes he wishes to put into the hair. As long as no product has been added to the hair, one can rearrange the spikes and change their sizes until he is satisfied. It is important to ensure that the base of each spike is thick enough to support the weight of the hair and the product.

Picture of Benji Madden Liberty spikes hair.
Benji Madden Liberty spikes hair.

Starting at the base of the first spike, apply the product to the hair and work it out to the ends. Additional product should be used at the base of the spike to ensure it stands out properly, but the entire spike should be thoroughly coated all the way out to the tip. Proceed in this fashion doing one spike at a time until all the hair is styled in the manner desired.

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  1. i am going to try and get this soon. but untill then i wiil style the jonny rotten hair, and as soon as its a good length, i will begin styleing 🙂 it should be a good start to collage! xD


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