Mullet Hairstyles Pictures – Classic, Cool, and Stylish

Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet.
Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet

The mullet hairstyle is by far one of the most popular hairstyles in the world. Not only it is all business in the front and a party in the back, but honestly, if you were alive in the eighties, you probably had one of these hairstyles. In this day and age, there are so many different hairstyles available, it is no wonder that time is repeating itself and the hairstyle is slowly but surely coming back into style.

Cornrows Mullet by Kevin Federline
Kevin Federline with cornrows mullet hairstyle.

The mullet is one of those hairstyles that are definitely popular in the southern states, but it has made its way to Hollywood as well. Britney Spears was actually married to a man with a mullet and while she and Kevin are no longer together, he is just one of the many celebrities that have picked up on the hairstyle and are sporting it everywhere!

What a lot of people do not know about the mullet is that it is not just its catch phrase of ‘business in the front and party in the back‘; it is actually a very conservative hairstyle and certainly one that looks great on anyone. Usually, with this style, the sides are cropped very close and the back is left long while the top of the head has quite a bit of shorter hair on it.

The back is mainly where you are going to do all of your styling for this haircut. The possibilities are completely and totally endless when it comes to this incredible hairstyle, you can do everything from just a simple ponytail all the way to a rattail in the back.

One of the more popular haircuts for the back of a mullet is going to be the ponytail. For a hairstyle that is as old as this one, there are definitely a few modern things that you can do with it.

For the mullet, there really is no upkeep on it and there is certainly not a lot that you can do with it, which works for a lot of people. Maybe some braiding, maybe pull it into a ponytail or maybe add in some gel and you are definitely ready!

It is pretty obvious that the mullet can really fit on any person and anyone. It is one of those hairstyles that everyone in the world can get away with wearing, no matter what gender or age you are!

Mullet Haircut Photos:

Mullet Hair Styling Tips

  • How To Grow A Mullet Hairstyle
    When you want to find out how to grow a mullet hairstyle, you’ll find many sources of information and advice. But, the best advice for growing this style is actually pretty simple. The mullet is really more than a hairstyle or cut, it is a lifestyle. People who have this style are often very unique individuals who do not travel the road most traveled.
  • How To Get A Mullet Haircut
    Florence Henderson even wore one in the iconic television series, The Brady Bunch, showing that the mullet is a style suitable for a man or a woman. The recent resurgence in the popularity of this hairstyle has left many people wondering how to get a mullet haircut.
  • Popular Types of Mullet Hairstyles
    One of the first “famous” mullet haircuts was seen on Billy Ray Cyrus back in the day when he was first gaining popularity with the country music scene. The mullet lasted well into the 1990’s where we saw John Stamos sport it on the popular televison show Full House. There are actually two most popular types of mullet hairstyles.
  • History Of The Mullet
    The history of the mullet, contrary to popular belief, dates back to the 1960’s when Tom Jones first sported the haircut. The cut is short in the front and long in the back. David Bowie wore it in the 1970’ and so did Paul McCartney. But it wasn’t until the 1980’s that the haircut really took hold.



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