Mohawk Hairstyles For Men – Haircut Pictures Gallery

The mohawk or mohican hairstyle is a one of the coolest hairstyles in which the hair on two sides of the head are shaven all the way up, leaving a strip of longer hair in the middle. This hairstyle can be found throughout the history, and it closely related to the tribe of native American Mohawk Indians.

The punk rock movement of the early eighties is accredited for the popularity of the mohawk. It was seen as a symbol of rebelling against authority, which is what the basis of punk was, rebelling against all types of authority, social and political. In recent times, the hairstyle has again appeared on the scene; however, this time, it knows no boundaries.

Photo of mohawk haircut.

Varieties of Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawks are a popular hairstyle and there are different ways that you can style your hair into a mohawk.

  • Liberty Spikes
    A liberty mohawk is when your hair is in thick sharp upright spikes all over your head. This hairstyle is named after the Statue of liberty. To ensure that the spikes stay upright and the hair stays together, you have to use hair products such as gelatin, egg white, clear school glue, or strong-hold glued spray. To make the liberty spikes, clean your hair so that it does not have any product or oils, straighten it if it is curly and then section it. Start at the bottom and work your way up. For every section, tease the hair then apply the product. After you are done with your whole head, you can then blow dry your hair to dry the product.
  • Fanned Mohawk
    The fanned mohawk is when you shave your head at the sides then the center hair is styled into a mohawk. For the best results with the fan, the hair should be at least few inches long, with the width of the hair in the center at least one inch wide. Once you have cleaned and combed your hair, you can lie on a bed or couch so that your head is upside down then apply strong hairspray or any other product so that the hair is upright. See also the video tutorial in the next subheading “How to Create a Mohawk”.

  • Bihawk
    A bihawk is two hawks. The hairstyle is created by shaving a strip from the center then shaving the sides of the head so that there is a mohawk on each side.

  • Side Hawk
    The hair on the front and the back were shaved leaving a strip of hair from the side to another side.

  • Crosshawk
    This is a cross of a fanned mohawk and the side hawk. The hair is shaved so that it forms a cross on the head.

  • Deathhawk
    With the deathhawk, the sides are shaved off; the strip is volumized; and the sideburns are left long. To have a deathhawk, your hair should be long and voluminous. Shave the sides leaving hair at the center of your head and at the side of your head, at the front of your ears and these should hang down like sideburns.

  • Dreadhawk
    To make a dreadhawk, you can either have dreadlocks or make dreadlocks. If you have dreadlocks, you just shave the sides of your head and leave the center dreadlocks. To make the dreadhawk, shave the sides of your head but left the center, it is preferable if the hair is long. Section clean hair and tie with rubber bands, then apply dreads product, as this helps to lock the hair together, and twist the sections of the hair into knots. Keep the knots at least for a day or two then you can gently unknot them but take care not to untwist the hair.

  • Frohawk
    It is a combination of two hairstyle: afro and mohawk. A frohawk is best suited for African American hair. You can make a frohawk by shaving the sides of your head or you can brush the hair upwards and sideways so that it looks smooth and tight then hold it in place with bobby pins. Another way is to plait cornrows on the sides then leave the center with an Afro.

  • Lazy Hawk
    A lazyhawk is a Mohawk that has not been spiked or styled so it just rests on your forehead and the rest of the head.

  • Rayhawk
    In this mohawk you cut the middle portion of the hair so that it forms a short-length strip. The strip can be cut using an electric clipper to create a uniform length. The style was popularized by Tampa Bay Rays players.

  • Mullet Hawk
    This is a mohican at the front and a mullet at the back. The hair on the back is long and layered.

  • Cornrow Braid Hawk
    It is also called braided mohawk. It is formed by using braids to plait cornrows on the sides of the head so that the center of the head is left with loose braids.

  • Fauxhawk
    This is a mohawk that is not shave the hair on the sides of the head but the hair is styled to look like one. You need to use plenty of gel or hair cream to create the look so that the hair can remain at the center of your head. Use your fingers to comb your hair on the top forward and upward.

  • Blow-hawk
    The hair is blow dried towards the center to create a faux-hawk.

  • Chelsea Hawk
    This mohawk is often worn by girls. The sides of the head are clean shaven or cut really short then the front is left in bangs. To style the hawk, wash your hair then tease center strip using plenty of hairspray so that it holds the style that you hold it in. Leave the bangs down over the forehead or swept them to the side.

How to Create a Mohawk

There are many varieties of mohawk hairstyle available, and the below guides will help you to know more on the styles in detail. One of the most popular, easy to achieve mohawk is the fanned one. To style the fanned, you only need to comb your hair up, spritz some hairspray using a strong hold hairspray, then blow dry it.

How to Spike a Fanned Mohawk

You can learn how to spike a mohawk through this video. You need to clean the grease and dusts in your hair before spiking your hair. It explains how to spike the Mohawk easily and quickly. The combination of mohawk hairstyle and hair coloring makes others to look at you often.

How to Make a Liberty Spike Mohawk

This video shows how to make the liberty spikes on your own. You need a proper haircut, hair spray, glue/wax, rubber bands and comb. This video shows how to section your hair, wrap with a rubber band, and make the spike. The guy in this video shows how to apply hair spray on your hair like from base to the top and how to dry the hair carefully with blow drier without disturbing the spike. He also applies glue/wax on the spikes and dries it with blow dryer to strengthen them which will help to keep the hairstyle for long time.

How to Cut a Taper Fade Mohawk

This video shows not only how to make the taper fade mohican but also how to cut your hair on your own. To cut it, you need a good trimmer and some practice to shape your head on your own. Cutting the hair by yourself gives freedom to change your Mohawk style every day or whenever you need. Careful with the trimmer else it can spoil the whole idea of new hairstyle.

Mohawk and Faded Star Hair Design

To rock your mohawk, you can add any shape into your buzzed sides. The style with this kind of design adds more attraction. This video shows how an experienced person making the star designs on the mohawk-styled head. Ask a friend who is experienced with an electric clipper or go to a barbershop to make some cool designs on your head.

Once you have gotten the style that you like, the maintenance can be fairly intense. You will need to have the sides shaved on a regular basis, and be sure to keep those lines clean, or you will end up with a much thinner version, or even a crooked version of your original Mohawk.

Best Hairsprays to Hold Your Mohican

Mohawk is a hairstyle which requires proper maintenance and care over time. Anyway, once you manage to achieve a successful mohawk, all you have to do is to find an adequate hairspray to suit you. Here are the top 3 hairsprays I recommend:

1. Got2B Glued Spiking Freeze Spray

Image of Got2B Glued Spiking Freeze Spray.The first thing you’ll notice about this hair spray is its amazing price: you can currently buy one 12 oz recipient for approx. $8. For a blasting hold of your mohawk don’t hesitate to try this product. As its name suggests, once you’re done spraying your hair will look like its really glued. Some people have even successfully used it on one-feet long mohawks, and they reported results that last for several days. If you like durable, industrial-strength mohawks you can’t go wrong with the Spiking Freeze Spray. Regardless of your hair’s length, results can be done well. Buy it here>>

2. Joico I.C.E Blast Extreme Hold, 10 oz, Unisex

Image of Joico I.C.E Blast Extreme Hold.There’s nothing like a good Joico hair spray. The I.C.E Blast Extreme manages to do an excellent job on any type of mohawk, and you won’t have to worry about oily hair either! Even if you have thin and soft hair, this product will hold your hair with no problem whatsoever. What’s more, this hair spray is actually enhanced with a pleasant fragrance, and you can currently buy it for as little as $12. Buy it here>>

3. Aqua Net Professional Hair Spray, Extra Hold 7 oz, Unscented

Photo of Aqua Net Professional Hair Spray, Extra Hold.By using this hairspray you’ll never have to deal with crunchy and gross hair ever again, and what’s more, there’s no unpleasant scent to drive you away! It will work even if your hair is soft and fragile. Just take care not to spray a large quantity at once or else you might have to deal with wet/oily hair. Buy it here>>

Mohawk Hair Gallery For Guys and Boys

Below are pictures of mohawk hairstyles:

Fanned Mohawk



Mohawk Without Spike



Elijah Wood Hairstyles



Cone Liberty Spikes



Sean Combs Hairstyles



David Beckham Fauxhawk Hairstyle



David Beckham Short Mohawk



Blake Lewis Faux Hawk



Chrome Yellow Mohawk Hair



Flaming Punk Hair



Classic Spike Hairstyle



Cool Punk Haircut



Orlando Bloom Mohawk



Yung LA Mohawk Hairstyles



Jang Geun Suk Short Mohawk



Chester Bennington Mohawk



Mr. T Frohawk



Mark Salling Hairstyle



Jackson Rathbone’s Mohawk



Darrent Williams Frohawk Hairstyles



Kid Cudi Hairstyles



Travis Barker Hairstyles



Neymar Hairstyles



Travis Bickle Haircut



Mario Balotelli Hair



Wattie Buchan Hair



Son Goku Hairstyles



Benji Madden Hairstyles



Ronnie Ortiz Magro Hairstyles



Chris Brown Hairstyles



Lance Bass Hairstyles



Kevin-Prince Boateng Hairstyles



Taeyang Hairstyles



Shawne Merriman Hairstyles



Mohawk Hair With Tattoos



Chuck Liddell Hairstyle



Roscoe Dash Hairstyle



Jonny Gomes Hair



Bobak Ferdowsi Hair



Tallest Mohawk Hairstyle



El Shaarawy Hairstyle



John MacTavish Warhawk




  • just got a mohawk for my party, it really suits me and everyone loves it, except my dad, who's making me shave it off. But at now i know i suit it and will definitly get another one at a later date

  • ive been wanting one since idk, but im scared it wont suit me, so im kinda looking to start off with one not too "edgy or risky" one that looks more natural, n if i like it, imma go all the way

  • Why is it that all those very short hairstyles are considered for men only?
    Why not for women?
    Some fashion moguls , who are dictating us what to wear and how to look?
    Women have been wearing long pants for some sixty or more years now, men have long, some very long, hair.
    So what is wriong with women with a Mohawk or a flat top?
    My wife is going to a barber this week-end, who specializes in flat top haircuts.
    I have been after her for a couple of years to get a flat top!
    I am looking forward to it very much.
    I have been dreaming of her with her hair perfectly flat and shorn on all sides!
    To each hs own!

  • You’re really a good webmaster. The website loading speed is incredible. It kind of feels that you are doing any unique trick. Also, The contents are masterpiece. you have performed a magnificent task on this topic!

  • @ Karl. I’m female and I’m rocking the Mohawk, I personally don’t think that just because you’re a girl or boy doesn’t mean you can’t style your hair the way you want. But for females with short hair typically turn heads. Why? Women with short hair break the “gender roles” seeing a girl with short hair all glamorous is quite the sight to see. That being said most girls don’t want the negative attention short hair will attract, plus men find long hair attractive. But then again girls with short hair and alot more confident in my opinion just because they don’t have side swept bangs or some hair to cover their face. Meaning they really have to be well kept, if you know what I mean? With that all said and done I love my Mohawk and don’t plan on chopping it off in the future.

  • These styles can be for girls too. They can rock them just as well. Nothing says awesome than a girl with a rebellious hairstyle. I love those kinds of chicks. Oh and by the way, Orlando Bloom’s style of mohawk looks weird.

  • I’m a black male and I recently got a small mohawk and I got scared and shaved it off. I regret it though because it was a good striking look for me! I’m letting my hair grow back out so that I can get another one! I love the mohawk and I’m 43. I just hope that this is not a mid life crisis but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try this and see what it looks like! It did look GREAT though!

  • Anyone heard of a plaidhawk? Same idea of traditional ‘hawk but sides are cut and died in a plaid like pattern.

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