How To Cut Hair Into A Mohawk

The Mohawk is a hairstyle that has been around since before Europeans colonized the Americas. It gets its name from one of the American Indian tribes that occupied the east coast region when the English arrived. In more recent times, this has become a hairstyle that is mainly identified with the punk subculture. It has also been worn by professional athletes in many different sports. For those who wish to adopt this style, it is important to learn how to cut hair into a Mohawk.

Choose a Style

Photo of single strip mohawk hairstyle.
Single strip mohawk hairstyle.

The first step is to decide whether one wishes to go with the traditional single stripe down the center of the head or one of the variations that can include two or three strips of hairs remaining. Once this decision is made, the strands need to be separated into the appropriate sections and pinned to keep it separate.

Shave the Sides

The areas of the head to be shaved should be buzz cut with a clipper first to get the strands as short as possible. This will make it much easier to shave the necessary sections without causing irritation. The areas to be shaved can then be taken care of by applying a moisturizing shaving cream. Avoid the use of gels.

Shave the areas of the head not covered by the locks one wishes to keep in place in the direction of growth. Going against the grain can cause a problem with ingrown hairs and razor burn. Following the shave, one should apply a moisturizing lotion to keep the scalp from drying out and flaking.

Choose the Desired Length

Photo of liberty spikes mohawk hairstyle.
Liberty spikes mohawk hairstyle.

The next step is to choose the desired length for the remaining strands. If it is already at the desired length, all one will need to do is style it. Common options include a fan and Liberty spikes. Either way, gel will be required to hold the spikes place and make it stand out from the head if it longer than about a half inch.

Picture of David Beckham short mohawk hairstyle.
David Beckham mohawk short hairstyle.

If the length is not already as desired, one will need to decide how long to leave the remaining strands and cut it. This can usually be accomplished with a pair of scissors, though for closer cuts it might be best to use clippers.

It will be a good idea to add sunscreen to the grooming regimen to avoid burning the newly bare areas of the scalp. This skin will be excessively sensitive for a period of time because it has been covered for such a long time.

Maintain the Mohawk

After the Mohawk has been created, maintaining it will take a good bit of effort. One will need to shave the bald areas of the scalp daily, remembering to cut in the normal direction of growth. Skin care will need to become a part of styling the hair for the day with sunscreen and moisturizer applied before one begins styling the hair.

For most men, it will be much easier to go with the standard single strip of hair when they create their Mohawk. The length will be determined by whether they are trying for the outrageous look of a punk or are an athlete who needs to keep the remaining hair short.

Cut hair into a Mohawk is a relatively simple process. One can actually cut his own hair into this style, though it is recommended that he have a professional stylist cut it the first time. This will ensure that everything is straight and even. A stylist can also provide helpful advice for taking care of the scalp and choosing products to help in maintenance of the hair style. After this, maintaining the style will be fairly easy.


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