5 Different Types of Safety Razors

When boys become men, the need for shaving begins. Whether they prefer a clean shave or a well-shaped beard, goatee, or some sideburns, having the perfect shaving razor is crucial.

Bobby Jenks Goatee

As a major league player, it must be disheartening to have your goatee be the major point of discussion when your name is brought up.

How To Make Your Own Tend Skin

No one wants to suffer from skin irritation and ingrown hairs that follow shaving. Both men and women have these skin faults, but with men, the unsightly bumps and blemishes are more obvious.

Serj Tankian Facial Hair

Although Serj Tankian facial hair is notable, it is certainly not the only thing that makes the lead vocalist, keyboardist and songwriter associated with the rock band System of a Down, someone to be aware of.

Shavo Odadjian Beard

The Shavo Odadjian beard is one of the major things that people remember about him, even though he has many other characteristics that are notable.