How To Trim Your Nose Hair With Scissors

The hair in your nose plays a very important role in preventing the entry of foreign bodies into the nasal passages. However, when they grow excessively, hairs in the nose can affect your good looks and make you feel embarrassed when dealing with someone face to face.

This condition usually happens among males, but some females experience it as well. Instead of worrying about it and covering your nose all the time, you need to eliminate it. If you want to get rid of those hairs coming out of your nose, you do not have to go to a salon or visit a specialist.

You can do it safely at home as long as you know how to do it properly. Actually, you can do it by using a nostril trimmer or a pair of scissors. But, in this tutorial, we will guide you to trim your nose with scissors rightly.


1. Clean the Nose

First, you will have to clean your nose and wash it using water and mild soap. This is to remove any mucus which have attached to the hair and to make the nose hair softer for cutting. Rinse the nostrils properly and make sure all of the soap you have applied has been removed.


2. Prepare the Materials

You will need a pair of scissors and a mirror. Use a mirror to visualize the inside of your nose and the scissors to cut the edges of the excess hair.

When you trim nose hair at home, choosing the right scissors is an important consideration. Not all scissors can be used to trim nose hair since some scissors have wide edges that can’t even fit in your nose. The Tweezerman facial hair scissors and the Seki Edge nostril scissors are great choices if you are planning to purchase a new pair of scissors for your nose hair.

Image of Tweezerman nose, ear, and facial hair scissors.
Tweezerman facial hair scissors.

Tweezerman facial hair scissors is made of stainless steel and has extra-sharp edges to make the cuts more precise. The manufacturer provides a lifetime sharpening guarantee and discounts for shipping if you purchase in bulks.

Image of Seki Edge nostril scissors.
Seki Edge nostril scissors.

Seki Edge nostril scissors are also made of stainless steel and has soft finger rings to promote your comfort. Its tips are rounded to prevent it from damaging some areas of the nose which are sensitive. Discounts are also available for the product.


3. Trim the Hair

Slowly insert the scissors in your nose and cut the excess hair. Start from those hair shafts outside your nose then advance accordingly. Remember not to cut until the nasal linings and do not insert the scissors too deep.


4. Clean Up

Clean your nose by washing it using water and mild soap again. Make sure that all the hairs you have cut are removed from the nose. Then clean the materials you have used and store them properly so you can use them again.

The nose is a very sensitive structure. You have to prevent causing injuries to the nasal linings to prevent inflammation and other problems. You should be very careful in cutting the hair so you will not cut all of it.

When trimming nose hair with scissors, your goal is only to eliminate the hair coming out of the nose and not all of the hairs. You can adapt the steps mentioned above so you can do the procedure safely and effectively.

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