How To Dispose Of Safety Razor Blades Safely

It is important to dispose of blades safely especially if you are using double edged blades and have small kids or pets in the house. Do not throw used blades in the trash basket as that can be hazardous to pets and even the person who taking out your trash. So, how to dispose of blades as safe as possible?

Blade Bank

Image of PHC blade bank.
PHC blade bank.

The best way to dispose of blades is by putting them in a blade bank. One recommended product in the market is PHC Blade Bank. It has high visibility and made of recycled plastic so that it is disposable too.

For easy accessibility, you may attach these to a post or an angle iron, and safety ladder or cart. Use nylon ties for tying the blade bank this way. Typically, the bank can hold nearly a 1,000 or more razor blades.

If you dispose of one blade per week, it will last you 19 years! The best you can get from this product are: it is cheap, strong, and cannot be opened. This way you can keep yourself as well as your family safe.


Do it Yourself Blade Bank

Image of unused can or bottle or storage.

It is possible to make your own containers too. You can use a broth liquid can, any unused can or strong bottle in your home as the container. Unwrap the label off. If the can have a removable lid, seal this lid by using a duct tape or strong glue. Next you need to draw a line or rectangle that is approximately a centimeter or less in height and 1.5 inches in long on top of the can.

Image of cutting out.

Use a tin snip, knife, or craft knife in order to cut along this rectangle or line. If you are using a broth can, drain any content from this can. Rinse it well. Leave it in a dish drainer or even on a towel in order to dry. Place it upside down so that it drains from the inside.

Your used razor blades can be inserted into this slot on top of this can. You may even wrap your used blades in masking tape as that will ensure extra safety.

You can paint your can and mark it.

Photo of painted blades bank.
by ThirdEye

Photo of DIY blades bank.
by MickR

Photo of blades bank - before and after.
Blades bank – before and after, by Rocketeer.

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