Review Of Panasonic ES8249S Men’s 4-Blade (Arc 4) Wet/Dry Electric Shaver

Men have many options when purchasing an electric shaver. They have heir own ideas about whether wet shaving or dry shaving is better for the skin but many products are suitable for either method. Anyone who reads this review of Panasonic ES8249S Men’s 4-Blade (Arc 4) may decide they can enjoy the benefits of both in a single product.

Photo of Panasonic ES8249S Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) Wet/Dry Shaver.


The Blades

The product incorporates a floating blade system within a pivoting head to follow the facial contours for a close shave. The four blades provide full coverage with minimal effort. One blade has a wider opening than the other blades to accommodate thicker beards. Unlike some rotary razors, the blades do not lift the hair and skin, which reduces the risk of nicks and cuts.

Image of the 4 blades of Panasonic ES8249S.

The thin construction of the outer foil makes it susceptible to tearing. A torn foil will cause cuts, so it is important to make sure the foil is intact before use. If the foil is damaged, replacement is necessary before use to avoid injury.


The Pivot Head

The system has a spring-loaded head allowing the user to use gentle pressure while shaving with an up and down motion. Users can gently apply more pressure as the skin adapts to the product. Consumers should be aware that applying excessive pressure does not produce a closer shave as the device does most of the work.

The head pivots 20 degrees to both sides and 25 degrees up and down to enhance comfort and performance. This shaver has a pivot action selector. This allows the user to use the soft or lock positions with the flick of a switch. The action is possible whether the device is in the on or off position.


Wet/Dry Shaving Support

The shaver is just as effective whether using it for dry shaving or wet shaving with lather. The casing is watertight making it possible for users to shave in the shower.



The product has a built in, rechargeable lithium ion battery that delivers peak power throughout the charge. It comes with a recharging unit that doubles as a cleaning system. The system utilizes a replaceable cartridge to clean the blades with hygienic infused water.

Image of the battery of Panasonic ES8249S.

The system takes one hour to charge fully. A full charge will deliver more than a dozen shaves. You can see the remaining battery capacity from 0% to 100% showed in LCD panel. While charging, the indicators glow. After charging is completed, the indicators blink once every second. The 10% blink emergency low battery indicator provides enough power for two shaves.


What Other People Say

Consumers offer mixed reviews about the proprietary cleaning system citing the need to buy cartridges as an unnecessary expense. Many users find it easier to use the sonic vibration turbo clean option when it is time to clean the blades.

The manual method involves using ordinary hand soap on the outer foil and activating the turbo mode. The second step requires removing the outer foil and running the device in turbo mode under running water.

The average review of Panasonic ES8249S Men’s 4-Blade (Arc 4) cites comfort, versatility and performance as the main advantages. Users appreciate the ability to use it for wet and dry shaving with positive results. Some find the self-cleaning function to be convenient while others prefer to clean the product manually when necessary.

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